Tags » Part I: Immediate

Chapter Ninth | Mothers and Daughters

This must be a nightmare,
I decide
as I grip her limp hand
between my
shivering fingers,
as a boy in his mother’s
nurse uniform… 107 more words


Chapter Eighth | After (Four Hours)

Jordan’s foot twitched against the accelerator. He was already pushing 75 mph, and the threat of flashing white and blue loomed in his rearview mirror. 380 more words


Chapter Seventh | Uncertainty

Sleep is a luxury of the blessed,
of the ones untouched by grief
and trauma and fear.
I can’t remember what it feels like
to slip away – 125 more words


Chapter Sixth | Before (Three Days)

Becca flung her limbs across Rachel’s bed, sighing loudly at the slow-moving ceiling fan. Rachel caught her sister’s reflection in the mirror over her vanity and rolled her eyes as a smile curved into her cheeks. 560 more words


Chapter Fifth | Willful Forgetting (Rachel)

I cannot
will not
remember my sister this way,
looking as though
death has already taken her
from us.

She speaks,
but it’s just a whisper. 95 more words


Chapter Fourth | After (Day: Fifth)

When Rachel decided she had cried enough, she pulled her cheeks away from Marrah’s shoulder. They were best friends, but something in Rachel made her think, … 340 more words


Chapter Third | Morning Silence (Marrah)

I never knew
what to say before,
and I certainly don’t
have words now,
not when bags





from her eyelashes

and her lips are bleached… 161 more words