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Ode to My Dearest Companion

My ode to you is way past due
You always know
I don’t know how, but you always do
You know when I am ill and when I am frail… 98 more words



“When there’s creativity in the air, it breeds more creativity. We caught that wave I think, and we found each other and a sound. There’s a ton of great music coming out of this town. 623 more words


writer's thoughts - ad lib

Guyssss, it’s SO HARD to figure out what to write about / it’s hard because I’ll write poems, but I never know if I want to share them with you NOW, or wait until I put them in a book before I share them. 900 more words

My Life

Two Years Ago...

This morning, my newly downloaded Google photos app notified me that I should look back on this day, two years ago. Curious, I opened the notification to pictures of me, my sister, and my best friend Bria at Mojo Burrito and then at an Issues concert. 535 more words

My Life


Too much music, not enough time, so the story always goes across these nine years of musical musings. I still haven’t fully synthesized my thoughts on Brand New’s… 234 more words

I'm Alive...

Wow. It’s definitely been a minute since I put my fingers to the keys, and blogged. I’ve done some writing outside of blogging, but geez, I have definitely missed this outlet. 398 more words

My Life

BXTRA with Chance

Eclectic meets eerie at Bronx Ink, that’s where you’ll find Chance, the extraordinary tattoo artist. His shop is located on the Third Avenue section of the Bronx where I had the pleasure of meeting with him yesterday ( September 5, 2017). 57 more words