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Monica discovers another shocking secret.Part of Me Episode 55 Recap

Elena asks Carlos what he wants. Carlos is surprised she doesn’t know why he’s here and says she’s either a good actress or she has amnesia. 819 more words


Turning Tables...Part of Me Episode 54

Judge Figueroa tries calm the crowd but Diego lunges at him and beats him. Security takes Diego away but Esteban rescues Diego saying he is  part of his camera crew. 634 more words


Monica seeks Revenge. Part of Me Episode 53

Gerardo is surprised at Monica’s reaction and asks her what’s wrong. She says” You disgust me Gerardo. I’m sure you never thought i will find out.” Gerardo is confused and asks what she’s talking about. 839 more words


The Truth! Part of Me Episode 52, recap

Monica is outraged about the pictures she just saw. She flashes back to when she first met Gerardo. Back to reality, She says “you are a gigilo Gerardo. 540 more words


Will Monica confront Gerardo?Part of Me Episode 51, Recap

Monica watches the video recording of Judge Figueroa assaulting a young girl and wonders why Elena has the recording. She closes the laptop and puts it back where she saw it. 719 more words


Betrayal cuts deep!! Part of Me Episode 50 recap

Monica can’t believe that Elena is involved in a fraud regarding Monica’s will but Ricardo says he’s been noticing strange thing in the house. Ricardo tells Elena about the rape case against Gabriel. 815 more words