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Thinking/Dreaming vs. Doing

I dedicate this post to Faith Preston and Nabil Ince aka Seaux Chill, two people who are always encouraging me in regards to doing the things I love, reminding me of who I am, pushing me to… 1,009 more words


Fade Away Not.

More often than not I believe you have a smile on, you are happy. Being a smiley girl have come to notice its really easy for someone or something to fade off the smile. 296 more words



I just finished listening to Blue Night Radio. Luckily, I found an application that allows me to receive radio coverage from South Korea. For those who are not familiar with Blue Night it is a radio show that Jonghyun hosts during the nighttime on a daily basis unless specified otherwise. 290 more words

Personal Note

ME 101

Hey guys, missed this little space, my safe haven. My best place in the internet. My apologies, been a long while… The layers of dust in here! 485 more words

Part Of ME


Around late April of this year I was having a difficult time getting sufficient sleep. I would maybe get at least two hours of sleep between staying up for thirty-two consecutive hours. 248 more words

Personal Note


You could ask me months ago if I was this happy, and my immediate answer would be a no because truth is I simply was not. 289 more words

Personal Note


The silver mirrors

Have stopped showing my face;

Instead I see sapphires in my eyes.

I see the biggest heart

Pumping warm blood,

Crucified soul… 71 more words