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My Best Friend

You’re the part of me that could make or break me. I gave you all of me a long time ago. You’re the part that could kill me and the part that made me hold on for so long. 463 more words


ini lagunya stranger secondhand serenade


Turn Around
Turn Around and fix your eye in my direction
So there is a connection
I can’t speak… 322 more words

Part Of ME


I feel that language is such a complex yet utterly beautiful thing. I have told some people that if I could have one superpower it would be the ability to know all the languages and dialects. 554 more words


Float On / Just Keep Swimming

Waking up an forty-five minutes before your alarm goes off to lie in bed, and scroll through a little social media on your phone, all the while listening to the faint sounds of your coffee maker in the kitchen, preparing two cups of coffee for you. 706 more words

My Life

Self-Evaluation on "Sunshine Through Rain"

I was going to write two blog posts yesterday, and just have them on hold for when I was ready to post them. But I figured that would then be cheating on Sunday, the day I’m supposed to rest from writing. 654 more words

My Life


*Fun Fact: This post is was originally written on a Word document because while I was at Goodman’s, the WiFi wouldn’t connect to my computer. Huge “thank you” to whoever created the copy and paste features of a computer. 291 more words

My Life

Sunshine Through Rain.

I’m taking a break from the current #ObjectsTellTales series because I just had this on my heart, and I feel like I need to make this public service announcement… 989 more words

My Life