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Dragon's Nest

Life is short, smile while you have teeth :P

She’s the woman who helped a dragon to be what she is now (Me!) My mom told me a lot of stories and my favorite one is about how they prayed to God for a child after their first born died. 281 more words

Part Of Me

be grateful. enjoy life.

I couldn’t sleep last night.

I was in this weird state – a state that wasn’t even equally divided between asleep and awake. It was as if I were on the outside of my body, feeling myself heavily breathing, wrapped around my sheets, desperately searching for the rest I needed. 582 more words

My Life

Sassy, Classy and A Little Bad Ass!

Yong Hwajin (용화진)

Welcome back to my blog! This blog will be about my lovely quick-witted boss and at the same time my Korean best friend :) Her name is Yong Hwajin “Anna” who came here in the Philippines to start a new business venture. 332 more words

Part Of Me

Living the Dream.

Yesterday before I left my dad’s hotel room, he asked our family a question – if we could do anything as a job for the rest of our lives, what would it be? 688 more words

My Life

#realtalk - blogging stress

I’m going to be really honest here. I’m frantically trying to write something in the last 19 minutes I have before I should probably be in bed because after last week’s crazy shenanigans, I won’t be depriving my body of the rest it needs. 449 more words

My Life

In Search of You

I wandered off tonight

Looking for you,

Fool that I was

You were always in me

I found you in my heart,

My mind, my soul… 16 more words