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ran and part

said as its own choice

and meaning

as its own connection

and forever

and lasting

as its own use

talking as its own held

and force… 45 more words


Part 28 - Buffalo Worms.

“So,” Lee unrolled the map, “here’s what I’ve been thinking.”

The others crowded around the kitchen table, watching Lee intently. Emma, Anna, Lydia, Alexis and Francis, all staring down at the street map in front of him. 1,025 more words


My all

My all
is a part of
my whole

That all
I’m a part of
That’s all

Everything is a part of their whole

Affirmation 11/17/17

Friend, you are loved. You are not alone. You are a part of the whole. We are all in this together, every single one. Even when you are on your own, I promise, you are not alone. 16 more words


Na manasu

Hi frnds this is my first story evry in any sites.

Thanani chusina entane pakshila egaasindhi na manasu,

Thaanu nannu chusina mothati kshenam puvvuga vikasinchindhi na madhi. 45 more words

even as part

innocence and caught

as its own keeping

and better

and said as its own manner

and function

and lasting

as its own rush

and toward… 45 more words