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“I may not the main character of this story, & I even not sure if I’m part of your life story, but one thing I can make sure about myself is, I am the main character of my own life story.”

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Part 74 - The Takedown.

The Knight ran, Francis bumping and jolting wildly up and down on her back as they headed around the Source.

It turned with them, swiping with its free claw and roaring. 1,024 more words


Part 73 - The Source of your Demise.


Adelaide, Francis, Lydia, Alexis and the Knight did so. The Source vaulted the steps in three great bounds and gave chase.

Throwing herself to the left, Adelaide dashed down an aisle, the sounds of the others’ footsteps pounding behind her. 990 more words


Children and Dogs (Part 5 of 5)

Children and Dogs (Part 5 of 5): Some Simple Do’s and Don’ts Supervise children and dogs every second they are together. Pair positives for both kids and dogs. 18 more words

Tunnel Music - Eos Trio at Brunel Museum

The ArtMuseLondon team ventured to Rotherhithe Wednesday night for a fine concert in a most unusual venue  – the massive iron shaft down to the Thames tunnel, the first road tunnel under the river, conceived and built by Marc Brunel, and his then unknown  son, Isambard Kingdom. 386 more words


Joe Tilden'S Recipes For Epicures DjVu

Project Gutenberg’s Joe Tilden’s Recipes for Epicures, by Joe Tilden This eBook is for the use of anyoneanywhere at no cost and with almost no re Get this from a library! 241 more words