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The 4th Story: Don't Touch Me

I’m always tired. I work a lot and never really have time for myself during the week. I love to come home and flop onto my bed face first, not do anything for a good 30 minutes. 624 more words

Spirit of Life Cal 4

C2C or corner to corner crochet, is not my thing. In this part of the Cal it is all about C2C. I hadn’t done it before. 326 more words




“Tahun ketiga (2016) di negara orang.”

Ditahun ini, aku naik ke kelas 11. Ditahun ini kita harus pilih satu jurusan dari 4 jurusan yg tersedia: IPS, IPA Umum, IPA Kedokteran, dan Teknik. 283 more words

Part 4: Assignment 4

Assignment details

All of the assignment 4 options seemed to have quite a dark and negative nature to them.   Out of the bleak choices, I was drawn to DISASTER. 744 more words


Part 4: Character Development

Initial ideas, leading to character development 1

I think this activity is very challenging.  To create characters and personalities is going to be a challenge.  I started this activity by doing some rough sketches and ideas.   470 more words


Part 4: Visual Distortion

Exercise Details

This exercise is designed to push a deliberate process of stylisation.  And producing a stylised character which introduces a narrative.  I like the possibilities of this exercise.   585 more words