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A Runaway's Tale (4/5)

I’ve been on the move all day, still don’t know how much longer I can keep this up. The sun is soon to set, & I’m still wandering outside with nowhere else to go, I need help.  906 more words


Part 4: Identifying tools and materials

Exercise details

I want to take the opportunity to explore a little more in-depth what I think is an important aspect of illustration: Vector illustration.  I also think that developing skills in vector illustration tools (such as Adobe Illustrator) is very important. 1,760 more words


Goodbye, my friend (pt. 2)

Hey, it’s GenYgg.

Remember last post ? Ate lunch at my house after feeling like I belonged, I was in a good mood; I was high on acceptance. 267 more words


乃木坂46 SELECTION PART4 秋元真夏×星野みなみ×高山一実 pdf 本

乃木坂46 SELECTION PART4 秋元真夏×星野みなみ×高山一実 今週 の 無料 の 本. 乃木坂46 SELECTION PART4 秋元真夏×星野みなみ×高山一実 電子 書籍 pdf 無料. 乃木坂46 SELECTION PART4 秋元真夏×星野みなみ×高山一実 本 pdf 代行 比較. 乃木坂46 SELECTION PART4 秋元真夏×星野みなみ×高山一実 本 pdf 化 代行. 39 more words


4pm already and Festus is not here, I was so disturbed and annoyed, I was already going crazy, I was already horny, very horny, I’ve never been horny like this in my entire life. 552 more words


Project 2 notes on light and named photographers

Light intrigues me. I know that when I go to the deserted village of Imber on Salisbury Plain the light is inevitably harsh and my skies blow out readily, even sometimes when it’s drizzling. 560 more words


Short-Stories: Erase – Part 4 ‘Regret’

John’s POV

No, just don’t. Don’t touch me. Go away.”

Kata-kata itu. Bagai busur panah yang menusuk sasaran, rasa yang sama aku rasakan. Jika dipikirkan, memang itu salahku. 1,311 more words