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Research notes - Singular Images

The following notes are made after reading the essay “Diane Arbus: A young Brooklyn family going for a Sunday outing, N.Y.C. (1966)”, by Liz Jobey. This was included in the book “Singular Images. 979 more words

Research & Reflection

Research notes - Judith Williamson

The following notes are made after reading Judith Williamson “Advertisement” article, a found in the OCA website (www.oca-student.com/content/her). All quotes in inverted commas below have been taken from that article. 930 more words

Research & Reflection

Research notes - The Photographic Message

The following observations are made after reading “The Photographic Message”, an essay by Roland Barthes (1)

Barthes suggests in this essay that the photographic image, in its purest form, has a denotative status that derives from its capacity to reproduce reality with great fidelity (he refers to the photograph as being the perfect “analogon” (2)). 626 more words

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Research notes - Beneath the surface

The following comments are made on the blog entry “Beneath the Surface” at the We Are OCA website (1)

The blog entry provides a good introductory analysis of Jeff Wall’s Insomnia ( 283 more words

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Photographs that are not means of expression or communication?

At the beginning of part 4 in the course, we are asked to reflect upon any photographs that are not used as a mean of expression or communication. 242 more words

Research & Reflection

The 4th Story: Don't Touch Me

I’m always tired. I work a lot and never really have time for myself during the week. I love to come home and flop onto my bed face first, not do anything for a good 30 minutes. 624 more words

Spirit of Life Cal 4

C2C or corner to corner crochet, is not my thing. In this part of the Cal it is all about C2C. I hadn’t done it before. 326 more words