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PQ leader criticizes Montreal mayor for stance on Quebec religious neutrality bill

The leader of the Parti Québécois says he is in complete disagreement with Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre, who says he wants nothing to do with a Quebec religious neutrality bill. 430 more words


Opinion: On racism, PQ action plan beats Liberal commission's talk

Premier Philippe Couillard’s government recently announced that it would hold a “Commission sur la discrimination systémique et le racisme.” This commission is misnamed. “Systemic” is an American buzzword; it is more accurate to use the term “institutional” to describe racism within social and political institutions, such as employment or policing. 618 more words


New poll shows it's still a two-way Liberal-CAQ race

A new poll shows the struggling Parti Québécois has made up some ground in voter intentions, but Philippe Couillard and François Legault are still waging a fierce battle for first place. 903 more words

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Chris Selley: More Quebecers are speaking French. Naturally, the PQ sees this as a crisis

The 2016 census data on language, released last week, offer good news for Quebec’s language guardians. The number of of residents who claim knowledge of French rose, albeit minutely, to 94.5 per cent, and the number who don’t speak French fell slightly as well: just 4.6 per cent claimed knowledge of English only, and 0.9 per cent knowledge of neither English nor French. 749 more words

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StatsCan to investigate puzzling Quebec census data as PQ promises language crackdown if elected

Canada’s commissioner of official languages says she is as puzzled and surprised as others over new census data showing a surge in the English-speaking population in the regions of Quebec. 592 more words


Support for Parti Québécois continues to drop: poll

Another poll confirms support for the Parti Québécois is waning while the Coalition avenir Québec is on the rise.

The poll by Léger for Le Devoir puts the Liberal Party in the lead, with 31 per cent of voter intentions, closely followed by the CAQ with 28 per cent. 57 more words

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