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Don Macpherson: Pierre Karl Péladeau's honeymoon with Quebec voters may be ending prematurely

It was already clear that as leader of the Parti Québécois, Pierre Karl Péladeau would not be another René Lévesque or Lucien Bouchard. Now he may not even be another André Boisclair. 606 more words


PKP-led Parti Québécois would not beat Quebec Liberals: poll

QUEBEC CITY — Is Pierre Karl Péladeau’s honeymoon with voters over before it even began?

It could seem so.

Thursday’s CROP poll published in French newspaper La Presse showed that with Péladeau at its helm, the Parti Québécois would only garner 30 per cent of the vote — that’s 7 per cent less than in February… and the worst score of any potential new leader. 296 more words


Péladeau skeptical of poll that shows PQ slipping, but sovereignty more popular


Pierre Karl Péladeau says he finds it strange that the Parti Québécois is slipping in public opinion at the same time as support for the sovereignty option is up. 642 more words

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Man charged in Quebec election shooting reaches payment deal with lawyer

MONTREAL — The man charged in Quebec’s 2012 election-night shooting has reached a payment deal with his lawyer.

READ MORE: Accused PQ election shooter: Jesus sent me on a mission to stop separatism… 212 more words


Drainville drops out of PQ race after concluding the troops want PKP

QUEBEC — It’s the same story, in modern leadership races nobody wants to end up in the no man’s land that is third place … or worse. 850 more words

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Graeme Hamilton: With Drainville's exit, Péladeau coronation all but complete

MONTREAL — If there was any doubt that Pierre Karl Péladeau was going to be the next Parti Québécois leader, it was erased Wednesday when one of his main contenders withdrew three weeks before voting is to begin. 871 more words

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Richard Bain reaches agreement to pay lawyer

The trial of Richard Bain moved a step closer after he reached an agreement to pay his lawyer.

Bain, accused of first-degree murder in the  2012 election night shooting at a Parti Québécois victory party in Montreal, has agreed to pay his lawyer Alan Guttman $40,000 after selling some of his property. 232 more words

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