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PQ's Véronique Hivon promises electoral reform

QUEBEC — Parti Québécois leadership candidate Véronique Hivon promised Tuesday to introduce electoral reform if she becomes premier.

Hivon said changes need to be implemented to take into account the percentage of votes garnered by each party represented in the National Assembly. 268 more words

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Anglos' view of history casts them as outcasts in Quebec: study

Typecast as the villains of Quebec history, anglophones long to be accepted as partners, according to a new study.

“There’s this yearning to be part of the collective ‘we’,” said Paul Zanazanian, an assistant professor of education at McGill University who presented the unpublished research at a one-day symposium last week. 1,312 more words

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Option nationale calls on PQ leadership hopefuls to provide 'roadmap' to sovereignty

The province’s hardline sovereignty party issued a stern warning to Parti Québécois leadership candidates Monday, demanding they provide voters with a “roadmap” to an independent Quebec or risk losing support. 232 more words


Interview: Jean-François Lisée says he'll boldly go where no PQ leader has gone before

QUEBEC — Jean-François Lisée has earned a reputation in politics as a man ready to express the truth as he sees it, no matter how much grief it causes others or himself. 2,013 more words


Véronique Hivon talks sovereignty, but not referendum specifics

QUEBEC — Parti Québécois leadership candidate Véronique Hivon has made public her plans to mobilize the sovereignty movement, but refused to provide details about the mechanics of a future referendum. 364 more words


Don Macpherson: Jean-François Lisée and the truth about Quebec independence

We live in the era of what’s been called “post-truth” politics, when a Donald Trump can get away with telling so many lies that fact-checkers can’t keep up. 656 more words