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Don Macpherson: The summer heat on Parti Québécois leader Jean-François Lisée

Regardless of what the summer weather will be like for the rest of us, a heat warning should already have been issued for Jean-François Lisée. 648 more words


CAQ pleased to see minority vote shifting away from Liberals

QUEBEC — English-speaking Quebecers are starting to realize they have an option other than voting Liberal in the next general election, says François Legault.

Reacting to a new poll showing his party, the Coalition Avenir Québec, is in second place in overall standings, Legault said he was especially pleased to see the non-francophone community is having another look at what he’s offering as the second federalist party on the scene. 863 more words


Quebec poll: Liberals and CAQ on top, Conservatives could be a force with Bernier in charge

A third consecutive poll has confirmed the rise of the Coalition Avenir Québec in provincial voter intentions.

However, it also shows that a provincial Conservative party led by defeated federal leadership candidate Maxime Bernier would get traction with voters. 293 more words


Don Macpherson: Quebec's political class ignores inconvenient history

“Je me souviens” — I remember — is Quebec’s motto. But when history is inconvenient for current purposes, the province’s political class ignores it.

This week, the Parti Québécois’s national council… 631 more words


Opinion: PQ is making good progress on diversity

It was with great interest that I read Dan Delmar’s opinion column (“Why the PQ’s plans for diversity, openness will continue to fail,” June 14) regarding the motions submitted at Sunday’s Parti Québécois national council meeting in order to increase the party’s outreach toward minority communities, entrepreneurs and youth. 619 more words


PQ calls for tougher Quebec language laws

Just two days before MNAs leave for their summer break, the Parti-Quebecois is asking for tougher French-language legislation.

On Wednesday, PQ leader Jean-François Lisée said the use of French in the workplace is in jeopardy. 225 more words


Pierre Karl Péladeau to 'vigorously defend' himself in suit by divorce lawyer

Media mogul and former Parti Québécois leader Pierre Karl Péladeau is being sued for unpaid lawyers’ fees in connection with his divorce proceedings with producer and TV host Julie Snyder. 277 more words

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