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Labour Party Leader Election and French Socialist Party 'Primary'

Hysteria in UK at Labour Party Leadership Open Election. 

Such is the cultural cringe of the British media towards the USA that journalists have restored to comparing the Labour Party leadership election to the American Democrat primaries. 1,835 more words

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Brutal Dispersal of Migrants in Paris: Left Protests Against "Unnecessary Force."

French Police Deal Brutally with Migrants.

The situation was tense in the day Monday for former refugees from the Chapel camp. Grouped in a camp in the 18th arrondissement,  for two days, they were brutally dispersed by riot police. 504 more words


Dieu n'a pas interdit de sourire (8 juin 2015). L'éducation selon la Bienheureuse Najad Najat Vau-l’eau Belkacem -Belkacem.

Loi Belkacem instaurant officiellement le socialisme dans les collèges.

Le Parti Socialiste, Pierre Bergé et François Hollande confient à l’Ecole la mission de faire partager aux élèves leurs valeurs fondamentales qui sont: le nivellement par le bas, la Charlicité et l’adoration du sexe. 268 more words

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PCF on the departmental elections

Statemrnt by Pierre Laurent

The first round of departmental elections, despite a participation rate that was 6.5 points higher than in 2011, was largely boycotted by voters, with 48.5% abstaining. 1,023 more words


We are witnessing the most significant decline in British influence in Europe for a generation

Today, our Shadow Foreign Secretary, Douglas Alexander, will tell the Parti Socialiste, our sister party in France, that over the period of this Conservative-Liberal Democrat government, we have witnessed “the most significant decline in British influence in Europe for a generation”. 251 more words

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Labor and the Greens

The recent Victorian election has been seen as a historic breakthrough for the Greens in the Lower House, winning two seats. The Greens now hold Lower House seats in five out of nine jurisdictions and have held a Lower House seat in every jurisdiction bar the Northern Territory. 801 more words

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Présidente Marine?

This article was published on Left Foot Forward

“Fascism arrives as your friend,” suggested the children’s author Michael Rosen. “It will restore your honour, make you feel proud, protect your house, give you a job, clean up the neighbourhood, remind you of how great you once were, clear out the venal and the corrupt, remove anything you feel is unlike you…” 682 more words