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Interim Delaware Secretary of Education Godowsky Needs To Learn From New York Superintendent Elia

State Education Commissioner Mary Ellen Elia says she won’t prevent parents who want their children to skip the state’s standardized tests from doing so.

Diane Ravitch is…

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Is The Delaware DOE A Victim Of Federal Mandate As Much As Our Students & Educators?

The more I look into education on a federal level, the more I think it is not just parents who are bullied and intimidated, but also each state Department of Education.  510 more words

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Delaware DOE, Learn The Difference Between "Guidance" & "Regulatory"

Guidance means a “suggested” way of doing things.  “Regulatory” means you have to do it.  The Delaware DOE doesn’t seem to know the difference between the two.  334 more words

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Breaking News: Delaware DOE To Punish Schools Over Opt-Out Rate w/School Report Card, Did NOT Submit This For ESEA Waiver

The Delaware Department of Education will punish schools with high opt-out rates based on their School Report Card.  As found in the below document, the school report card is a new system mandated by the US DOE.  562 more words

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US at War With Puerto Rico

   By Bob Shapiro

The US is causing high unemployment, high and growing public debt, and an increasing reliance on handouts among the citizens of Puerto Rico. 1,614 more words

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Trend Lines | Ageing and the Supply of Workers

Today’s Trend Lines is the third in a week-long series on Canada’s greying population. If you missed it, check out the first post here. It discussed trends in Canada’s age structure. 319 more words


The Persisting Slump In Factory Orders——‘Escape Velocity’ It Ain’t

By Jeffrey P. Snider of Alhambra Partners

While the payroll report commands almost all attention, the view from factory orders is simply much more significant. Even if we accept that payroll growth is steady at something greater than 200k per month, that is still at least two steps removed from actual economic activity as is intended from that same orthodox framework. 984 more words

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