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Top 3 tips on citizen validation

Making sure only people allowed can vote and that they only account for the votes you as organizer gave them. Either it’s one, two, four or any other number. 444 more words

Participatory Budgeting

Idea collection: a problem or an opportunity?

There are several theories for idea or proposal gathering, which diverse greatly in concept, implementation effort and results.

Some of the more common are:

Participatory Budgeting

Want to increase Participatory Budgeting participation?

Participation is always a concern when it gets to politicians evaluation of participatory budgeting.

Our current society is based on representation principles and our elected representatives are sensible to votes for obvious reasons. 644 more words

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Is your Participatory Budgeting really effective?

I’m sure your Participatory Budgeting (PB) is successful. But if asked why, would you be able to tell me without going through the intangible arguments that are good for every process and not specific to you? 185 more words

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How to kill your Participatory Budgeting in 3 steps

Were you forced to be a Participatory Budgeting (PB) organizer and it’s killing your life without any reward?

Are your citizens demanding a PB process in your city/district but you’re against it and want to see it fail fast? 373 more words

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5 things over 30 Participatory Budgeting have taught us

We have been helping out our clients implementing Participatory Budgeting (PB) since 2010.

For further disclosure, we provide ICT solutions to support proposal collection, process digital marketing/communication, and unified voting platform. 654 more words

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meet Participare at #PBParty

Participare, the world’s first multilingual participatory budgeting platform, will join the #PBParty, at June 16th, in New York.

It’s an SaaS platform designed to manage the entire process of promotion, proposal, voting and execution monitoring of participatory democracy initiatives. 275 more words

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