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Making a Marble Maze

(Please follow these links for a stop motion video of the maze building process, and a video of the testing of the completed maze.)

For this Maker Faire project I decided to create a low-cost marble maze maker project featuring recycled materials, hands-on construction, collaborative cooperation, and a large dose of fun. 525 more words

Participatory Learning

Learning initiatives - Levels of Participation and the Key to Success

“What types of participation are happening at Chicago’s YouMedia Digital Media Lab? What struck you from the report about its first year in action?”

The Chicago YOUMedia learning center offers teens the ability to grow in their knowledge of and engagement with digital media. 541 more words

Participatory Learning

Learning spaces for all

When creating nontraditional learning spaces, is it more valuable for libraries to focus on offering opportunities for a “geeking out” behaviors or more mainstream interests? Why? 483 more words

Participatory Learning

Traditional vs. Participatory Learning

Some years ago, my husband, knowing how much I loved Americana/Old Time music, gave me a chance to experience it from a new perspective by giving me three months of violin/fiddle lessons. 321 more words

Participatory Learning

Eliminating an us versus them attitude - for in class discussions

Have you seen the first episode of “Supergirl” where there is a frank discussion about choosing the word “girl” versus the word “woman”- and the word “girl” … 326 more words


New Digital Pedagogic Methods

A challenge is arising in the digital age we are living in. The surrounding presence of computation and information technologies in our everyday life gives us new tools for learning and teaching in a complete different way, an obvious example are the MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). 586 more words


Making Sense of Makerspaces

Finally, I understand the move toward makerspaces. I’ve been concerned that they were evidence of what some critics regard as the diminishing role of the teacher librarian in the digital world. 590 more words