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Real World Learning

Why Real World Learning (RWL)? The key is found in the Glossary of Educational Reform, “Real–world learning refers to education that is focused on connecting what students are taught in school to real-world issues, problems, and challenges.” 1,571 more words

Educational Technology

Participatory Learning

Hi fellas, this is my second to the last blog entry for EDS 131! And for this entry, I would like to share my knowledge on participatory learning and how it personally attracted me. 887 more words


Equipping Students to Lead In Our Rapidly Changing World

By Vipin Thekk, March 4, 2017

“We talk about consumers and producers. In much of education, the student is a consumer. The Changemaker movement has helped us to help teachers help students become producers.” 262 more words

Creativity And Innovation

Digital scholarship and ePortfolios

Current online information environments and the associated social and pedagogical transactions within them create an important information ecosystem that can and should influence and shape the professional engagement and digital scholarship within our learning communities in the higher education sector.  892 more words


Dissecting Eyeballs and T-Rex’s: Virtual Reality in the Classroom

By Justin Aglio Sep 8, 2016

In the fall of 2015, the Montour School District opened its doors to a new Virtual Immersion Lab. At first, students did not know what to expect (nor the teachers). 273 more words

Active Learning

Making a Marble Maze

(Please follow these links for a stop motion video of the maze building process, and a video of the testing of the completed maze.)

For this Maker Faire project I decided to create a low-cost marble maze maker project featuring recycled materials, hands-on construction, collaborative cooperation, and a large dose of fun. 525 more words

Participatory Learning

Learning initiatives - Levels of Participation and the Key to Success

“What types of participation are happening at Chicago’s YouMedia Digital Media Lab? What struck you from the report about its first year in action?”

The Chicago YOUMedia learning center offers teens the ability to grow in their knowledge of and engagement with digital media. 541 more words

Participatory Learning