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Developing a Collaborative Culture

Corporate leaders highlight the need for a new generation of workers who can creatively solve problems by collaborating with other team-members. It’s imperative that our K-20 educational systems provide opportunities for learners to engage in a variety of strategies that help them to frame a problem, analyze information, synthesize that information into knowledge sets, and then evaluate and iterate their work realizing that there’s a good chance that the there will be need for another round of problem-solving. 752 more words

Creativity And Innovation

Transformation: Complete!

After spending the summer working on my room, it is finally ready for class next week! Come with me on a tour! :)

As students enter the room, they first check out the clothesline on the right — on it, I hang labeled handouts that they need to pick up for that day from on top of the dresser. 859 more words

Classroom Organization

INF537 - Week1 Intro and initial readings

One of my initial reactions, on reading the two Selwyn articles, was to feel kinda dumb. I had honestly not really pegged that the huge disconnect between what was going on in my own teaching and learning environment and what I read about while studying for this course, was, of course wildly obvious and very familiar to many. 287 more words


On Multimedia Resource—Module 7

We are living in the modern information era where technology is obviously everywhere. Traditional chalk and board, textbooks, and passive lecture are now having its little importance in a sense of effective learning experience. 522 more words


My Reflection on the Introduction to Instructional Media—Module 1

Hi there everyone! It has been a fruitful study of module 1 for me and with that, I am going to share with you what have I learned in this module, its implication on me as a prospective educator and a student, and its impact on my learning and experience. 1,225 more words


Real World Learning

Why Real World Learning (RWL)? The key is found in the Glossary of Educational Reform, “Real–world learning refers to education that is focused on connecting what students are taught in school to real-world issues, problems, and challenges.” 1,571 more words

Educational Technology

Participatory Learning

Hi fellas, this is my second to the last blog entry for EDS 131! And for this entry, I would like to share my knowledge on participatory learning and how it personally attracted me. 887 more words