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Participial Christianity

Romans 10.5-15

The Greek philosophers were big fans of immutable, unchageable perfection. In their view, the ultimate and glorious cosmos was full of platonic solids… 764 more words


Lie, Lay, Lain - Stone of Fire

A nice example of the rare, but correct, use of lain, the participle of lie.


#EngClass: Participial adjective (3)

One of our followers asked the question above on Twitter. Do you have a similar question? Do you get confused as to when you should use present or past participle adjective? 361 more words


Overusing the Participle Phrase

Apparently, I like the participle phrase. And also adverbs, but that’s for another post.

It has come to my attention that I use participle phrases way too much. 436 more words


Adjectives from participles and gerunds (II)

Participle adjectives

Some months ago I published a post about adjectives that come from participles and gerunds. It is time to practice what we learnt there a little bit. 347 more words


upcycled blue

Decisively you stood up for me. The sun was nowhere to be seen, bright was the sky had been vacated, so clear you could see the stars embedded in blue. 214 more words