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Overusing the Participle Phrase

Apparently, I like the participle phrase. And also adverbs, but that’s for another post.

It has come to my attention that I use participle phrases way too much. 436 more words

I'm Only Me

Adjectives from participles and gerunds (II)

Participle adjectives

Some months ago I published a post about adjectives that come from participles and gerunds. It is time to practice what we learnt there a little bit. 347 more words


upcycled blue

Decisively you stood up for me. The sun was nowhere to be seen, bright was the sky had been vacated, so clear you could see the stars embedded in blue. 214 more words

Principal Parts of Swim

Saw this t-shirt and figured it was worth including: a nice example of not only English principal parts but also a verb whose participle is often misused.


Perfect Participle - XTerra Ad

Nice use of swum here from an XTerra (Wetsuits) ad. Don’t see swum too often; and, of course, often replaced with swam (when it shouldn’t be): I swam yesterday; I have swum for the last few days. Nicely done, XTerra.


Adjectives from participles and gerunds

Dear all,

I have always found that students tend to get confussed by the difference between adjectives that end in -ed and those that end in -ing. 318 more words


French Moods - An Overview

If tenses convey the time at which something takes place then a mood is the form of the verb that conveys the speakers attitude towards the action they are describing. 403 more words