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Dunkin' (Donuts) - Gerund or Participle

Was reading this piece from Boston Magazine and it struck me that it referred to the Dunkin’ in Dunkin Donuts as a gerund. My first instinct was to rebel: so few people actually know what a gerund is (and like to impress people by using the term for the -ing form) that it’s just plain wrong. 128 more words


HS Football Article, 10-6-17

Interesting. By no means wrong necessarily, but not a form I hear really at all, if ever. A regionalism perhaps?

from this article


Sports Illustrated Tweet

The issue, of course, is with ‘sang’ but I’d love ‘knelt’ rather than ‘kneeled’ as well (although I’m guessing that ‘kneeled’ is a now acceptable weak form).


Participial Christianity

Romans 10.5-15

The Greek philosophers were big fans of immutable, unchageable perfection. In their view, the ultimate and glorious cosmos was full of platonic solids… 764 more words


Lie, Lay, Lain - Stone of Fire

A nice example of the rare, but correct, use of lain, the participle of lie.