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Summer Rain

On a hot June day

I sat on the pier

My legs dangling

Not unlike the participle

So misplaced by the news anchor in her story of the missing person… 169 more words


Dangling Participle & Reflexive Confusion - Thank you, Wired!

This is the opening paragraph to a piece on wired.com about the departure of Jeremy Clarkson from the BBC car / driving show Top Gear. It caught my eye initially because of the himself; the extraneous reflexive is a common error among the wannabe litterati because, as with many grammar mistakes, it sounds to them more dignified (when in reality it is, of course, plain wrong). 175 more words


Week 24 of Loving Somali: Somali grammar is still beautifully crazy

Today was a good Somali day, in spite of some challenges over the past few weeks. I listened to a brief news podcast. (I found that… 281 more words

General Learning

Fools rush in .....2

So I’m not impressed by the “Who is my neighbour?” letter from the Anglican House of Bishops. But within that particular pile of hay, are there any ponies? 256 more words

Passive Voice, Part Six: Is Is Passive?

Read this series from the beginning

Last time, I gave you the following passive-voice sentence:

The word red was written in blue, and the word…

539 more words

Gerunds, Verbs, Nouns

The author of this article on the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy identifies Bloom’s original Taxonomy as organized by gerunds. Unfortunately, there are no gerunds in sight in Bloom’s original Taxonomy. 166 more words


First steps to thinking relationally

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase.

-Martin Luther King Jr

At Participle, we strongly believe that a 21st century welfare system must work relationally.

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Relational Welfare