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** Present Participle:

>Present participles are formed from verbs. Present participles (just like past participles) can be used as adjectives or used to form verb… 813 more words


Isaiah 53:5c

See Gesenius-Kautzsch §116s, or Joüon-Muraoka §154c regarding the omission of the pronominal subject from nominal clauses.  See also the post on the Derived Stems found under the… 8 more words


The Participle

The participle shares characteristics with nouns and with verbs.  Like nouns, the participle has gender, number, definiteness, and case. Like verbs, the participle can take an object, has voice (active/passive), has tense (determined by context), and has aspect. 362 more words

Nominal Clause

Isaiah 53:5a

Be sure to watch the video on Nominal and Verbal Clauses under the Featured Topics on Syntax link in conjunction with this video.

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Non-finitive: Participle


As complement
  • The news is (not) very encouraging.
  • Leading to the park is (not) a very delightful road.
  • An old lady is lying on the couch.
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