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Pedantics #8

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Right. Now, where was I? 484 more words


106. Word-Like Suffixes

Some added letters at the end of a word can also make a word by themselves



A suffix is a meaningful letter or group of letters that is normally found at the end of particular words, modifying their meaning. 1,025 more words

English Vocabulary


Never hyphenate prefixes (i.e. nonemployer, postrecessionary, multifaceted). As per Chicago Manual Style, usa a hyphen when two words are combined to make an adjective (a noun + participle) preceding a noun: … 42 more words

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A participle is a form of verb that is used in a sentence to modify a noun and/or verb. You may or may not have given much thought to participles. 653 more words

30 Days To Publishing

Dangling Participle & Reflexive Confusion - Thank you, Wired!

This is the opening paragraph to a piece on wired.com about the departure of Jeremy Clarkson from the BBC car / driving show Top Gear. It caught my eye initially because of the himself; the extraneous reflexive is a common error among the wannabe litterati because, as with many grammar mistakes, it sounds to them more dignified (when in reality it is, of course, plain wrong). 175 more words


Participle Story (2 Points)

  • In your CB, write a creative story that includes shifts in verb tense, using at least one of each of the starred helper+participle combos from your notes.
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