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Are you Excited... or Exciting?

I’ve had a very tiring week because I moved.  Packing everything up was very tiring, and I was definitely very tired when I finished.  In fact, I was so… 650 more words

Undercover Verbals

Undercover Verbals

Undercover Verbals – Learning about Gerunds, Participles, and Infinitives

EDU 6361 – Grammar Lesson Plan

I was unable to post my lesson plan here because the template provided by SPU doesn’t fit into the margins wordpress provides.   75 more words

2. Instruction

I'm Sorry I'm I'm So Sorry

The participles What happened to the participles Oh I’m sorry I’m I’m so sorry Didn’t you hear They passed Yes right there in English 101 it was Some were left dangling Horrible It was simply horrible The students the poor students Some became lost for words others fell mute entirely and still others became Republican presidential candidates I’m sorry I’m I’m so so sorry


Confusing forms with imperatives and present participles


imperative, mid. 3rd. pl. or pres. act. part. gen.pl.(masc. or nt.)


imperative mid. 3rd. sg. or imperative act. 3rd. du. or pres. act. part. 17 more words


109. Adjective Positioning

English has various features that might lead speakers of other languages to incorrectly place an adjective after its noun


Academic And Professional Writing

Pedantics #8

Wow, it’s dusty in here. Excuse me for a moment while I blow away some cobwebs.



*takes out the recycling*

Right. Now, where was I? 484 more words


106. Word-Like Suffixes

Some added letters at the end of a word can also make a word by themselves



A suffix is a meaningful letter or group of letters that is normally found at the end of particular words, modifying their meaning. 1,065 more words

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