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When do we use the present and past perfect tenses?

The present and past perfect tenses are challenging tenses to use. The simple past and simple present are (as their names imply) simple to use, but the perfect tenses are more complex. 464 more words

Fragmented hell

I write books. Sometimes I write movies. It’s what I do.

But, from time to time, I do a little editing on the side. As such, there are some elements of bad writing that put the fur up on the back of my neck every single time. 1,267 more words

Write U

Are you Excited... or Exciting?

I’ve had a very tiring week because I moved.  Packing everything up was very tiring, and I was definitely very tired when I finished.  In fact, I was so… 650 more words

Undercover Verbals

Undercover Verbals

Undercover Verbals – Learning about Gerunds, Participles, and Infinitives

EDU 6361 – Grammar Lesson Plan

I was unable to post my lesson plan here because the template provided by SPU doesn’t fit into the margins wordpress provides.   75 more words

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I'm Sorry I'm I'm So Sorry

The participles What happened to the participles Oh I’m sorry I’m I’m so sorry Didn’t you hear They passed Yes right there in English 101 it was Some were left dangling Horrible It was simply horrible The students the poor students Some became lost for words others fell mute entirely and still others became Republican presidential candidates I’m sorry I’m I’m so so sorry


Confusing forms with imperatives and present participles


imperative, mid. 3rd. pl. or pres. act. part. gen.pl.(masc. or nt.)


imperative mid. 3rd. sg. or imperative act. 3rd. du. or pres. act. part. 17 more words