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PXIE progress: Fermilab's LEBT successfully delivers maximum current

Fermilab has paved the first few feet of the long road to a dramatic upgrade of its injection complex. Specifically, it’s 8 feet, the current length of PXIE, a test accelerator that prototypes the front end of the proposed upgrades known as PIP-II. 421 more words


Atomic Science Part 3- Particle Accelerator

Last post you all learned how to build a fusion reactor. This time you’ll learn how to make a particle accelerator.

The things you need to build the accelerator are: 189 more words


Synchrotron Radiation

I was recently at CERN for one of their accelerator schools, learning about new and potentially disruptive plasma-based particle accelerator technology (disclaimer alert – the subject of my PhD). 1,291 more words

CERN's Particle Supercollider, the Large Hadron Collider is Ready for Round Two

The European Council for Nuclear Research or CERN (The name CERN is derived from the acronym for the French “Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire”) has announced that the world’s largest particle accelerator, the… 226 more words


Some personal pics and descriptions from my time at CERN last November

After arriving at Geneva airport, I was picked up in this high speed TELSA electric car – complete with touch screen interface, voice command and some sort of hydraulic system – courtesy of CERN- (the car is somewhere in the astounding range of $150K).   447 more words

Digital Humanities - Art As Research

Relativistic Boats: an explanation of special relativity

Last spring, I worked with my boss to create an explanation of special relativity. We intended this to be used by lab newbies to help them understand how exactly we’re able to detect these relativistic particles which live for less than a blink of an eye (O.k., also it was kind of extra credit). 97 more words