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Cryogenic monitoring in Fermilab’s Muon g-2 application

We recently linked to this article in our social media: a look at how scientists at work on the Muon g-2 experiment at Fermilab have been “shimming” a large magnetic ring to create “a magnetic field so precise that even subatomic particles see it as perfectly smooth.” This 52-foot-wide superconducting particle storage ring will enable researchers to observe the precession of muons subjected to a magnetic field, basically so they can, with unprecedented precision, see how their experimental g-2 measurements compare to and deviate from the theoretical Standard Model g-2 prediction (as… 388 more words

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The Woman Who Fell Into Time

A particle accelerator accident creates wandering spacetime distortions that allow random people to time travel.

“Why won’t you people tell me who you are?”

Maria Calvert, Ph.D in Applied Physics, manager of Superconductivity and Magnet Circuit Systems for the Machine Protection and Electrical integrity group for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), had been isolated in a windowless interview room in the administration building at CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research near Geneva, Switzerland) for the past four hours.

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Cloning is utilized by Solar Warden to preserve their genetics while providing various forms of support, defense, and investigative operations.

The underground bases involve the cloning of various individuals, namely celebrities, for the personal use of wealthy individuals or groups. 1,443 more words


VHS-Tape-Plasma Mirror Drives Tiny Particle Accelerator

When you think of a particle accelerator, you’re probably thinking of tens of kilometers of tube buried underground, at high vacuum, that uses precisely timed electromagnetic fields to push charged particles like electrons up to amazing speeds (and energies). 350 more words

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Book review 1) The Particle at the End of the Universe

I saw already lot of people to do book review, like Joseph from Rationalising the Universe or Abyssbrain from Mathemagical site. I have already used a lot of parts from this book in posts about… 464 more words


How does particle accelerator work?

so as I continue with the book I am reading right now about particle physics I will write about the basics behind particle accelerators… 444 more words


Superconducting Super Collider

so yesterday I was in Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic, because of some serious business. When I was waiting on the train station I went to bookstore there and bought really cool book, it is called The Particle at the End of the Universe, by Sean Carroll (By this particle author means Higgs boson).  432 more words