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Chernobyl, Ukraine Nuclear Meltdown

In 1986, the world’s worst nuclear accident occurred, when the Chernobyl nuclear reactor within the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic exploded releasing 400x as much radiation as the nuclear weaponry which was dropped upon Hiroshima, Japan in 1945 towards the end of World War II. 75 more words


Particle Physicist Interview

Please tell us about yourself

It’s a chilly morning along the border between France and Switzerland, and Miaoyuan Liu, a fourth-year Duke graduate student in physics, is getting ready for a long day of meetings and data analysis. 1,080 more words


IoT device : Build LED Clock

This is my first time building an IoT device, so it was quite a bit of a learning curve but hopefully this blog post will encourage you to take a jump in. 1,070 more words

Flash A Device

single مُفْرَد words

noun اِسْم
اِسْم noun

verb فِعْل
فِعْل  verb

particle حَرْف
حَرْف particle


Octonion Math, Particles, Dimensions

Quanta Magazine’s article on Cohl Furey and Octonions


Winter Fire Safety. Part 2 of 2

Winter Fire Safety – Part 2 of 2

Use dry kindling to start a fire. Next, add a few pieces of wood. Be reliable there is space between the logs so there is enough air to get the fire going. 158 more words

Winter Fire Safety. Part 1 of 2

Winter Fire Safety – Part 1 of 2

Winter Fire Safety. Although many mobile vulgus enjoy gathering around a fire during cold winter months, fires that aren’t built properly can affect air quality and people’s health, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 141 more words