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முக்காலத்தின் முன் தோன்றி
ஒருமையின் பரிமாணமாய்
படைத்தலிலும் அழித்தலிலும்
உணர்வுடைய உயிரினிலும்…
நீரிலும் நெருப்பிலும்
விண்மண் துகள் அணுவினிலும்…
பல கோடி அண்டகளிலும்
அகிலத்தின் அனைத்தினிலும்…

அலை போல் திரண்டு
துகளாய் திரிந்து
நிலைப் பெற்ரொளிறும்
திறன் நிறை ஆற்றலே..

நீக்கமற நிறைந்திருக்கும்
மானிடர்தம் கண் காண

பெரும் காலவெளியின் துகள்
எனக்கு நீயே தான்
என்றும் பரம்பொருளே!!


A Quantum Dot, Wot Is It?

A little while ago I walked into a television store, it was 10% televisions and 90% technobabble. Although man hasn’t yet been back to the moon since 1972, the advancement of the television industry, with it’s 4K OLED wonderscreens, could fool you into thinking that the human race now spends much of our time living inside futuristic cyber-cubes whilst a robot butler feeds us expensive jam. 693 more words


just a thought..

found it in my notes, from august.

what if there’s no quantum field at all — what if in the quantum level the notion of time loses its meaning, thus any wave or field isn’t possible — everything is everywhere at the same time. 70 more words


What's more, I'm sure he still does.

“What was it you liked about him?”

The way his mind worked. . . he saw the stars when the sun was still out.

Love in Life

“Love is life.All,everything that I understand,I understand only because I love.Everything is,everything exists,only because I love.Everything is united by it alone.Love is God,and to die means that I,a particle of love,shall return to the general and eternal source.”- Leo Tolstoy

ACS Conference for "Fun" not "Work"?

You might think I’m crazy.

But I think that it’s really FUN stuff. And I don’t even consider this WORK per se. I get paid to travel and talk about my science. 480 more words