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Adaptable IoT

On May 24, 2017 I gave a short partner session at Techorama, a technology event in Belgium for both developers and IT Pros. You can find the slides on SlideShare: 1,065 more words


The LHC is starting another year of high-energy physics

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Believe it or not, particle physics has a season, just like baseball. Running a massive particle collider takes a lot of energy, so operators schedule downtime for periods when local energy demand tends to be high. 324 more words


Practice Using the De で Particle

Whenever I’m learning something new, I like to associate the new material with familiar things to better recall and retain the information.

Today, I thought I’d share how I practiced learning the basic uses of the de で particle using one of my all-time favorite movies, Beetlejuice. 350 more words

Learn Japanese

Through The Wormhole Is There A God Particle Online Games

Through the wormhole is there a god particle online games

Through.the.wormhole.s04e01.is.there.a.god.particle.mkv.mp4 Watch Through.the.wormhole.s04e01.is.there.a.god.particle.mkv.mp4 game of thrones. A wormhole could allow time travel. This could be accomplished by accelerating one end of the wormhole to a high velocity relative to the other Watch Online Through the Wormhole Game Show; History; Horror Western; SignIn; SignUp; Stream in HD Next. 414 more words

Through The Wormhole Is There A God Particle Online Game

Through the wormhole is there a god particle online game

Is There a God Particle: or did humanity invent God? Online Free More of this seasons Episodes of Through the Wormhole Streaming online free. 382 more words

The Thin Edge of Infinity

Late in the day, project’s half done but it’s hungry time.  I could head home for a meal and drive back, but instead I board the elevator down to Eddie’s Pizza on the second floor.  696 more words

Appearances Can Be Are Deceptive.

What appears to us to be, rarely, if ever, is exactly what we see/understand.

To put it another way: All perception is a form of deception – some greater than others. 1,316 more words