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Types of Phrasal Verbs: Transitive & Intransitive, Separable & Inseparable

A phrasal verb is a verb formed from two (or sometimes three) parts: a verb + an adverb/preposition. For example, lie down (verb + adverb), look up to (verb + adverb + preposition). 769 more words


Particle Sweater Dress

The sweater dress that ran out of yarn has been completed! It’s actually really nice. Since there is so much open work, it pairs well with a tank and leggings. 252 more words


Atomu (あとむ)

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(Main) gender: Male
Pronunciation: ah-to-muu [á.tò̞.mɯ̟̀ᵝ]

Etymology and/or ways to write:
This name is adopted from the English word atom, which refers to the smallest possible amount of matter still retaining its chemical element characteristics. 345 more words


The Man by Krishnamurthi Swami

He was a self made man. Handsome in his youth. He was a hard worker. He toiled for the organisation and steadily rose in its ranks. 396 more words


Physicists Finally Narrowed Down the Mass of the Tiniest 'Ghost Particle' in the Universe

Source: Physicists Finally Narrowed Down the Mass of the Tiniest ‘Ghost Particle’ in the Universe  

Some Scientist call it God Particle and some Ghostly Particle but as per ancient Indian studies its just an Universal Energy in minutest form and it keep all of us alive.