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Renewable Diesel - No More Dirty Diesel

GreenD+ is a new type of fuel for diesel engines, derived from renewable resources and fully compatible and warrantied for use with most diesel engines, GreenD+ can reduce greenhouse gas emissions in both new and existing… 24 more words

U.S. Embassy in Beijing Warns of ‘Possible Threats Against Westerners’ on Christmas Eve

Carlos Tejada reports: The U.S. Embassy in Beijing issued a rare security alert for Westerners in the Chinese capital city on Christmas Eve, prompting a number of other foreign embassies to follow suit. 323 more words

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Un Employ ED.

More like unused,

seen as a pawn,

in your Chess game,


unchanging mass of particulates,

un – deployed,


passive aggressed,

like Plymouth Rock, 54 more words

Silence - the electric car is coming

I am not a great fan of electric vehicles. They are still in the development stage, mostly requiring frequent re-charges of electricity in order to be useful over long distances unless you can afford to buy a super expensive model. 194 more words

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Watch those VOCs! Open Source Air Quality Monitor

Ever consider monitoring the air quality of your home? With the cost of sensors coming way down, it’s becoming easier and easier to build devices to monitor pretty much anything and everything. 206 more words

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With Pollution Levels Dropping, is Small Particle Air Pollution Really Killing Americans?

By Steve Goreham – Re-Blogged From http://www.WattsUpWithThat.com

Unnoticed by most citizens, last week the United States Senate introduced the “Secret Science Reform Act of 2015.” The act is aimed at the Environmental Protection Agency’s practice of refusing to disclose data from scientific studies that support new pollution regulations. 902 more words

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