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Air Sewage

Does that count as mist? Or maybe it’s fog? Or – hang on – maybe this isn’t one of the weather emojis. This is ‘空气污染’ – or ‘air sewage’, one of the biggest problems facing rapidly industrialising modern China. 346 more words

Culture And Contrasts

A Portable, Accurate, Low-Cost, Open Source Air Particle Counter

If you live in a city with poor air quality you may be aware that particulates are one of the chief contributors to the problem. Tiny particles of soot from combustion, less than 10μm across, hence commonly referred to as PM10. 231 more words

Green Hacks

This Map Shows the Severity of India’s Pollution Problem - India Real Time - WSJ

A new map from the World Health Organization shows just how bad India’s air pollution problem is.

The interactive map, which shows the average levels of dangerous… 395 more words


FAIL: Carbon-Financed Cookstove Fails to Deliver Hoped-for Benefits in the Field

By Anthony Watts – Re-Blogged From http://www.WattsUpWithThat.com

It is unfortunate that it didn’t work, but perhaps they tried to do too much here, like solve climate change and third-world social household habits all in one. 903 more words

Foreign Policy

This Is How Many Years Air Pollution Will Cut From Your Life Expectancy in India - India Real Time - WSJ

Living in India’s capital city New Delhi could shorten your life by six years because of the intensity of the air pollution there, a new report says. 148 more words


Stop Global Geoengineering – National Health Freedom Coalition – Geoengineering Working Group

Good idea – a ban on those climate modification or environmental control projects.  In my mind at least, these activities do not mitigate “global warming” but are the very cause of it. 11 more words

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