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Kill the Exhaust, Not Your Lungs with the Fume Coffin

As if slinging around 40 watts of potentially tattoo-removing or retina-singeing laser beams wasn’t anxiety-inducing enough, now comes a new, scary acronym – LCAGs, or “laser-generated airborne contaminants.” With something that scary floating around your shop, it might be a good idea to build… 192 more words

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Air Sewage

Does that count as mist? Or maybe it’s fog? Or – hang on – maybe this isn’t one of the weather emojis. This is ‘空气污染’ – or ‘air sewage’, one of the biggest problems facing rapidly industrialising modern China. 346 more words

Culture And Contrasts

A Portable, Accurate, Low-Cost, Open Source Air Particle Counter

If you live in a city with poor air quality you may be aware that particulates are one of the chief contributors to the problem. Tiny particles of soot from combustion, less than 10μm across, hence commonly referred to as PM10. 231 more words

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