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With Pollution Levels Dropping, is Small Particle Air Pollution Really Killing Americans?

By Steve Goreham – Re-Blogged From http://www.WattsUpWithThat.com

Unnoticed by most citizens, last week the United States Senate introduced the “Secret Science Reform Act of 2015.” The act is aimed at the Environmental Protection Agency’s practice of refusing to disclose data from scientific studies that support new pollution regulations. 902 more words

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Study Spoiling 4th Of July Fun Says Fireworks Release Harmful Particulates Into The Air

Just in time for the Fourth of July comes some news that might put a damper on your celebrations: A new study says exploding fireworks create toxic air pollution that could be harmful to your health. 257 more words

anti-blower enforcement teeth? maybe?

about a year ago, in june 2014, some stirring began as a few news articles were released about the possibility that certain “quality of life” offenses may soon become ticketable offenses. 148 more words

leaf blowers are illegal—now enforce the ban on these pollution machines!

Leaf blowers not only pollute a lot due to their engines, but they produce tremendously high mph winds, kicking up into the air we breathe lots of things no one should be breathing in: petroleum products, pesticides, spores, feces, pollen, dirt, and other particulates that are especially hard on asthmatics. 266 more words

Netduino pollution Monitor V0.1

As part of a project for Sensing City I had been helping with the evaluation of  PM2.5/PM10 sensors for monitoring atmospheric pollution levels. For my DIY IoT projects I use the… 294 more words


Fine particulate air pollution associated with increased risk of childhood autism

(University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences 21 May 2015) Exposure to fine particulate air pollution during pregnancy through the first two years of the child’s life may be associated with an increased risk of a child developing autism spectrum disorder, a condition that affects one in 68 children, according to a University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health investigation of children in southwestern Pennsylvania. 15 more words

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