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Hell is empty and the Devils play on Collins Street. 

Well hello desperate readers, how pleasant it is to have you in my company once again.

If we were face to face, perhaps this would be different. 2,056 more words


Why I Think Tipping is Important

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I think tipping is important. It’s important for those working in areas that include tipping. For some (or a good portion), it’s their primary source of income. 241 more words


If people left parties like they left Facebook

Ever realize that when someone leaves Facebook they have to let everyone and their mothers know before they leave?


A top catering service on Mallorca

Anyone looking for a catering company on Mallorca has plenty of choice, with some excellent catering and private chef services available. Should you ever need to know, the local word for catering is . 585 more words

KiNK killed it at treehouse last night!

Video to come when I can get the wifi in our room to work :)

Deep House