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How do I... twist it?

No one can ever go wrong with a twist out. Especially for transitioners who may have some straggly ends, a twist-out gives you a nice and defined look. 234 more words

Twist Out

Seven years of Parting

10 October, 2010 when I opened my eyes with a forward message from my friend ” The date today is memorable as it comes 10.10.10. It will not come again”. 363 more words

On Parting

Dedicated to a thing gone by and those associated with it.

Weep this? Weep Othello in his bed

Weep thyself when thou art dead

But if our parting is what thou weeps… 124 more words



Casey is baking cookies. Because of the rain & it’s absurdly cold & because I’m 53 & need chocolate, suddenly, and because we live too far away, from everything! 77 more words

Grow Old With Me

Last Night Together

“Parting is such sweet sorrow…” With each separation comes a time of celebration of the dying moments, a final flourish of ecstasy and euphoria.

Draw the curtains, dim the light,

98 more words

5 harsh truths that will motivate you to move on

When hearts are shattered into pieces, we feel awful and terrible. No matter how we try to put it back together, it just would not fit and beat the same way as it used to. 492 more words


I hate goodbyes

While eating snacks for send-off party of my colleague, I felt uncomfortable being with them. I really hate parting moments. It tickled my heart for some reasons I could not explain. 130 more words