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Hymn To The Little God

I am sorry.
I’m in love with you.
And I hate every bit of it even the bits,
I like, the bits I love.
You make me feel things, I rather not feel. 419 more words

Tanka: Sunset

Photo©Aaron Logan

Gold tinted, the shores

washed in the colours of love.

Ebbed now, that high tide,

night falls and there is no moon

to silver your parting steps.


The Hallmark Of A Parting

The Hallmark Of A Parting

When it rained like this,

He remembered the aroma

Of her peppermint leaf tea.

And how she’d go outside… 168 more words



as death commands so
I your touch relinquish yet
love will not let go



Separation is a part and parcel of life. Let us take a small example- when a child is born, he is taught everything and given immense love in the family. 142 more words


Wasting Away

I am not wasting away my love, your fear and your worry are like cataracts in your eyes.

I sit down because I wish to sit, and not because my legs fail me, or my back ails me, or my thoughts derail me. 146 more words