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Taking Toll

Night hangs like

heavy fabric—too heavy

to be comfortable.


This night is taking toll

of my thoughts. If it collects

like this from others, it… 15 more words


Empty Nest

I still miss the birds. The robins have been gone all month, and the air around me has quieted. They flocked in great numbers on the ground a month ago, earlier than usual, both those who were preparing to migrate and those who will stay. 262 more words


Parting at Dawn

This is a very late response to Jane Dougherty’s Poetry challenge #44: Ghazal

For some reason, I haven’t been seeing Jane’s challenges lately and I hated missing this one – I haven’t come across a ghazal before – it’s a tricky one and I do love a challenge… … 181 more words


As I Stay

As I stay.

As I stay, he goes away. His dark hair curls at the ends as I watch him walk back towards his house. I have known him for as long as memory serves me; our last words as we embraced— “I love you like a brother, man; I’ll miss you.” I fight to hold back tears while I make the familiar trip back home. 447 more words



Click here to hear the poem read aloud:
https://anelephantcant.files.wordpress.com/2016/08/20160820_101402.mp3I am strangely moved
I watch them go
My jacket streaked with hunger
I am aware that time has passed
We met before when I was younger

The bread rolls in my pocket
The scribbled note’s remains
I know for sure what I have lost
But not what I have gained

The boy was most articulate
We are a travelling school
She teaches us the three subjects
We have no need for rules

Some things we learn for wisdom
Because they’re good to know
Some things are just necessity
How to run and how to throw

What is the point learning to cut
If you do not have a knife
She teaches us to make such things
To live a balanced life

We learn to read from all these books
That someone wrote for us
She teaches us to write our own
That’s why we call her Taurus

I now pretend indifference
While taken by her charms
She steps unknowing to the night
The baby in her arms

The boy is sore to leave me there
He blinks turns quick away
Her fleeting smile shines from without
Perhaps we’ll meet again one day

Halcyon Days

Halcyon days indeed;
The dragged down moments
The spaced out seconds
Our inert bodies
On the unmade
Mussed up bed 217 more words