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The Circle

Remember this always:

The Circle must close.

It is true for us all.

It is simply so.

  • Chuy
Chuy The Wonderdog


4 years of engineering are finally over
And the damage it has done, well everyday feels like a hangover.

From fake friends who gossip behind your back… 199 more words

And Goodbye

And goodbye; we celebrate the parting,

And togetherness–aye both we share–

And bitterness: the herald of our starting

Life again, again–you here, I there.

It seems forever when the gulf looms before us… 16 more words


The Schoolyard

We were in the schoolyard, the girl and I,    

whose name and face I don’t remember.


We played during lunchtime, throwing 

a softball made of old socks at each other’s faces.  207 more words

On Goodbye

On this journey across mountains and rivers

I have met many a friends

Some left a lasting memory

some forgotten on the way

The one thing I learnt is that forever is but a MYTH… 31 more words

Midnight Thoughts

Your words last night
Like a storm in the middle of the night

Put me to despair
My brain wakes me to leave you
But my heart shout and screamed wanting you… 29 more words

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