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This hurts too much

I don’t want to be
‘in love’ with you anymore.
This hurts too much.
Love isn’t supposed to feel like this.
I know this will seem absurd… 33 more words


A Little Happy a Little Sad

Today I sold my truck. Now you should really understand something about me before I go on. Vehicles to me are more than something to get you from one place to another. 407 more words


At the ending of this day

Sangbad reminded me I hadn’t written a villanelle in a long time. Probably because they’re difficult. I’m chuffed no end to have actually written one, so here it is. 162 more words


Fly Like a Penguin, Volume 1, Chapter 5

Here’s Chapter 5 in the story of Hopper the penguin. If you’d like to read from the beginning, go here.

Chapter 5

Heading for Home… 945 more words

I'll be back in a fortnight!

I’ll be back in a fortnight!

Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow

was Shakespeare’s opinion, 63 more words

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Long distance

In the unlimited freedom which we call imagination,
My mind and heart soar high, cast off reality
And wing their way to a place of which I can only fantasise… 19 more words