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say amen

who gives a damn, anyway?

say amen

and then try to forget
the shape of the hands
you carved your heart to fit

there were just too many… 71 more words


From the Lost Notes of the Deep Dweller’s Shipyard [Fragment #3]

I cannot recall any parting with someone upon good terms; in fact, each parting has left a taste of bitterness and repentence, and there have been moments where I used to crave nothing more than revenge, there have been times when I was convinced that the purity of my contempt must never be comprimised.

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tell me

tell me what happened after you left –
of the intimacies that died
absent of ceremony, without song

the days since have been a procession… 96 more words


In Your Wake (II)

In Your Wake (II)

The sun

In beauteous splendour

Is awakened

Most unwilling

From her slumber

As the darkness

Rolls over

Like a tired lover… 198 more words


respite in blue

my doctor asked me a while back
whether I smoked
I said no
but I’m thinking of taking it up again
he didn’t laugh
but then I wasn’t joking… 46 more words



If I can so easily confuse is it any wonder that I confused you, and you, in response, so easily confused me.

Living among such confusion is it any wonder that our parting left me (and also you?) somewhat confused. 15 more words


Shut Your Eyes

Close the doors,
Fast, now slow,
Cry like it’s the first time,
Smile like it’s the last,
The last you’ll know,
Either way it’s well rehearsed,
These predictable goodbyes.