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Once upon a grapevine

The little woman prances,

Elated as she could be

For she is oh so happy,

To finally see me

And she talks,

And talks,

And sings her endless lore… 120 more words


Vintage Love

If I knew we would be parting tomorrow, I would do things differently today.

But I know I will see you again, so there, good-bye for now. 10 more words


An Absence

When I’m feeling in the mood for music, he’ll howl so enthusiastically, so enthralled by the sound, that his guttural reverberation will evoke a kind of primordial, transcendent state of awakening.

789 more words


May you find peace in your solitude.
Remember, being alone is the salt of company,
Not the bread of life itself.
If you can find yourself, then peace will come. 112 more words


You And Me - How Can You Forget

What We Were To Each Other?

never mind. it is a rhetorical question anyway.

Rant alert. Rambling thoughts.

We had different needs, our lives were too separate. 1,172 more words


I'm Feeling 26

When you go out at 26 it’s totally different from going out in your early 20s. You are old now, and tired, and completely disillusioned with the idea of partying. 551 more words