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All You

Like melted bitter chocolate,
On a summer afternoon,

Like iced vanilla cake,
On a rainy evening,

Like cupcakes dark,
With little hints of orange peel, 203 more words



This afternoon:
Rhyming our fingers like bricks
Two trees sitting by themselves
Together, breathe the cool air

How temporary it felt
to put my head on your shoulders and tell you… 147 more words

Couplet (Shiv Kumar Batalvi)

लोकी कहण मैं सूरज बणिया, लोकी कहण मैं रौशन होया
मैंनू केहीं ला गया अग्ग, वे तेरा बिरहड़ा।

lokee kehn mein sooruj baneyaa, lokee kehn mein roshun hoyaa… 64 more words


Featured Poem: Parting by Charlotte Brontë

Marking 200 years since her birth in West Yorkshire, we turn to one of Charlotte Brontë’s most universally enlightening poems. 485 more words

Featured Poem


Some goodbyes are sweet — 
You smile and hug and kiss 
And say the word, believing
That you’ll be better people 
When you see each other again.  247 more words


Faded #writephoto by Ali Isaac

Reblogged from Ali Isaac in response to the photo prompt:

I never liked roses. They are over-blown and gaudy, just like the woman he ran off with; their scent cloying and sweet, like his shirt after he’d been with her; their thorns sharp and piercing, like the words we exchanged before he left. 48 more words


NaPoWriMo 2016, Day 14: Mother's Song

Mother’s Song

Left in our wake, hushed water parts like wings,
leaving behind us this brief afternoon.
With every oar stroke, I feel our parting… 151 more words