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The Curtain Parts

Think home decor, think windchimes. This is one simple addition that adds beauty and works as a peace magnet. The sound of a tinkling windchime helps bring back our attention from wherever it has wandered and parks it right into the beauty of the unfolding moment :)


The Bench

Many winters I have seen,
Sitting in this desolate little park.
Lonely poets who come and go,
Young lovers with yearning eyes,
Children pulling along man’s best friend… 145 more words



When the gladiolas fade

Colors slipping towards dark brown

When the songbird no longer sings

From its splendid treetop tower

When my love, you say goodbye, 28 more words


Last Stop

There is a last stop in all of us
A place our soul consents to rest
Few were the moonlit nights
That I’ve truly cared for after all… 75 more words


More is Less

More is Less

There are plenty of pebbles on the beach,
you said at the end of your little speech.

But I have lost more than a pebble, you see. 97 more words


7 Reasons Clubbing Isn't Just For Single Girls

As Destiny’s Child so famously said, “Ladies leave your man at home… cause it’s 11:30 and the club is jumpin’, jumpin’!” 

By Sheri Hessing
nofudgingway.tumblr.com… 635 more words

Sexy Stuff

Days could be like this more often.

Man, I just had the best day I’ve had in a good while. Which is strange because most days involving Problem School are only mediocre at best. 1,434 more words