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Brief was our meet
Thick and soft, quick
The covers fell
And when it was over
There were no seeds left over
That fell

No strings… 26 more words


136 -A Temporary Parting

Poem number 136
A Temporary Parting
See you then, it’s time to go
My body’s had enough
Time goes fast but pain goes slow… 30 more words


Farewell Letter

My Lords and Ladies, may the blessing of the Seven be upon thee. May they show you the path thou seek to walk upon and guide you through the dark places that lie ahead. 269 more words

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Tired looks,

long deep sighs,

our eyes locked together,

his hand between my thighs.

The breaking of dawn

lies between our sheets

in warm sentiment; 111 more words


Love Memories

‚ÄčNever let me go

For if the Sun shines, I’ll let you know,

But promise me my sweet sweet heart, never let me alone!
I hear thee…follow you; 201 more words


Haiku Horizons - Wave

wave me adieu, love

not goodbye, please prop the door

wide – we’ll meet again.

I’ve found a new (to me) poetry prompt – Haiku Horizons… 60 more words



A rondolet for the Daily Post prompt: clouds.

Tears cloud my eyes,

Your ship is leaving, crowds waving.

Tears cloud my eyes,

As the sails swell, the prow turns west, 17 more words