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Separation is a part and parcel of life. Let us take a small example- when a child is born, he is taught everything and given immense love in the family. 142 more words


Wasting Away

I am not wasting away my love, your fear and your worry are like cataracts in your eyes.

I sit down because I wish to sit, and not because my legs fail me, or my back ails me, or my thoughts derail me. 146 more words


A Heart Full

It is my last night in on Irish soil and my heart is heavy yet full – I know I have laid special roots of friendship in the Gaelic earth. 148 more words


Heralds of Death

Those who have read some of my books of Irish Short Stories will know that they contain stories about “The Banshee”, which, of all Irish spirits, fairies and ghosts, is the most widely known. 4,024 more words


Flash Fiction - Parting Ways

Here is my little attempt at Flash Fiction. It’s been two years since I put pen to paper and tried to write a short story. Typed it up so I could share it online but you know what I’m actually quite happy with this little piece. 336 more words


Wedding is not just a ceremony, it’s a dream rather,

Nurtured secretly by every daughter’s father.

Wondered how troubled is his heart,
When his pride of life is about to depart? 60 more words

Incredible India

Thank You

When you came into my life, the sun was out
I couldn’t see it on the second floor room
Head high, nose turned, I stood short and stout… 296 more words