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Where am I going?

I hold your hand as you walk me through the empty desolate road. Ruined houses, busted pavement. I look up to you and notice your stoic expression. 456 more words


Cry because it's over

“Shouldn’t you be used to saying goodbye by now?”, a friend recently asked me. “There’s no need to cry”, another one tried to comfort me. In my mind, I added that good old saying “Don’t cry because it’s over but smile because it happened” to the latter statement. 640 more words


Farewell My Valentine

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FAREWELL my Valentine
For time nears the sunset
And the night breaks the twain
The parting day is set.
Farewell my Valentine… 20 more words


I have a budget

And it is modest only $1500 much of which is emerency vhielce repair which knock on wood wont be needed!

Fuck i am awesome! Back to hiking

The Swan Must Sing (poem)

It was a good run
And it lasted quite a while
Now you go spread your wings
And I will go spread mine…

Two saplings grew side by side… 179 more words



“an act of parting or of marking someone’s departure.”

i found it is very ironic when you realized that you should appreciate someone more AFTER you part with someone. 143 more words