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Clear Trails

The only constant is change.

It is true throughout the Great Cosmos. Nothing remains unchanged, even for the briefest moment. Around the nucleus of the atom spin the protons and neutrons. 167 more words

Sasha Of The Chukchi Sea


The sound of the cabin door closing awoke Sasha, asleep on the roof of her doghouse. It was early morning. Or maybe not. Maybe it was afternoon, or perhaps the middle of the night. 1,608 more words

Sasha Of The Chukchi Sea

Poem 79: How long the shadows fall

How long the shadows fall
this breakfast time. How tall in height,
(as if in evening light)
the fence posts stand, as might night guards, 86 more words


Sending Off a Friend amid the Cries of Gibbons by Chiao Jan

You’ll go ten thousand miles
beyond those ancient mountains. . .
Three gibbons’ cries,
a chasm full of moonlight. . .
How long’s this road been here? 44 more words


Farewell is not the End

A story to hold with history and future,
Different feelings shaken inside
Romantic, Comedy, Thriller, Suspense
and a fear for the future that’s unfold.

Different learning, different thoughts… 108 more words

Daily Poem

Goodbyes by Chiao Jan

I’ve heard that even “men of feeling”
don’t treasure the feeling of parting.
Frosty sky drips a chill
on the cold city wall.
The long night spreads… 28 more words


Scheiden tut so köstlich weh - Parting is such sweet sorrow

The fact that I lose participants at the end of a course unit is part of the set-up.  Some students move to an A1 course after 300 hours alphabetisation, some only after another 100 or 200 or even 300 hours.  578 more words