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My spirit has been taken, lost and robbed in the night.
It drifts far from my heart, a soul in the sea of dead… 124 more words



Wrapped in brown paper
they sent me off
and away-
I could not see
when I flew over
your house
or the ocean
or the park… 121 more words


Her Fingers Touch

She wanted me to leave, and stay,
No dichotomy there,

Ying and yang of love,

My heart thundered meanwhile,

At the soft confusion of her fingers touch. 6 more words


You Were Mine...

The day we parted ways
Neither of us shed any tears
But neither of us slept that night
The Shadow of Moonlight kept us up since then… 83 more words


We are blue flowers
lifting sad faces to the moon
when all the world is sleeping.

We are nine types of unhappy,
but all the miles of the oil-green sea… 129 more words

Waste Disposal

“I think I asked you to put out the trash, didn’t I?”  Amie asked.  “I did, didn’t I?”

“Amie, clearing the refuse isn’t time sensitive.  I’ll do it after I’ve finished.”  Malcolm, frowning with concentration, applied a wing strut to his model of the ‘Wright Flyer’.  1,670 more words

The young people I'm leaving behind...

I just finished writing a series of personal letters to the special young people in my life whom I will be leaving behind when we move.  420 more words

Milestones On The Journey