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I could never imagine a life, where your path never crossed mine.


Another Round

Sergeant Jena Foster was stood just outside her pick-up point with Ensign Zircon Herne to her side, the pair laden down with bags. There were other soldiers and staff members of the ISV Herne nearby, ready to rejoin the flagship for another decade of service. 1,996 more words


Loose Ends

The apartment was nearly empty. Piles of bags were placed in the front room, the kitchen cupboards only had enough food in for a snack at night and breakfast the next day. 1,536 more words


Who knows?

We leave each other
With bitterness
In our hearts;
Each heart torn apart;
Ours a failed love;
But close not the door;
Leave it wide open; 15 more words


The Joy of Reuniting

The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again.

Charles Dickens

1812-1870, British novelist

The logistics of moving back to London from Cairo took up much of my energy and focus which explains the paucity of my activity on here. 758 more words


She would grab the bull by the horns
And tell him she needed to talk to him.
She thought she had finally grasped
The meaning of his “beware” warning. 138 more words


Our Path

Refreshed map in hand

There’s no two boarding tickets

Departure our path

~ Bexy