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Questions pour from his brain
Into the cup below.
Questions about the coming change.
They pile up and overflow.

Soon the saucer can’t contain; 187 more words


Celebrating Home

It’s been a wonderful week with my sister being here from St. Louis.  She only gets to come twice a year, and we try to make the most of every minute.  320 more words


A list of things that will never be the same again

A list of things that will never be the same now that you’re gone:

1. Breakfast- i will never take my eggs and come sit beside you and watch you read the newspaper chuckling slightly at the countries situation. 412 more words

The Right Words - And they're still not enough. 

Finding the right words is difficult, but I guess I’d put it like this the best –

“Seeing him after so long makes me fall in love with him all over again, more than I loved him before. 275 more words


the day before we parted

(This poem was previously published in the Quail Bell Magazine)

the day before we parted
was the day we sat
facing each other
on the icy floor… 74 more words



I kissed you goodbye
To remind us
Of all that had failed,
Of all that we’d missed
Since we had first kissed,

I kissed you goodbye… 134 more words


In Your Wake (II)

In Your Wake (II)

The sun

In beauteous splendour

Is awakened

Most unwilling

From her slumber

As the darkness

Rolls over

Like a tired lover… 256 more words