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Whither Healthcare?

“Now, I have to tell you, it’s an unbelievably complex subject. Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.”  — President Donald Trump 27 February 2017… 1,850 more words

Is Dignity on the Ballot?

As a recovering politician, I’m often ribbed about the lack of dignity in politics. Being a lawyer has conditioned me. To get ahead of all this, I’m often the first one to share jokes at a party… 1,374 more words

Justices to Hear Major Challenge to Partisan Gerrymandering

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court announced on Monday that it would consider whether partisan gerrymandering violates the Constitution, potentially setting the stage for a ruling that could for the first time impose limits on a practice that has helped define American politics since the early days of the Republic. 1,084 more words

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Turn, hell-hound, turn!

I approach House of Cards with an armistice of understanding. I recognize its stench of being too pleased with itself, its tired tropes, its pomp, its empty cynicism are the end result of viewing governing through the prism of the building power for its own sake, rather than contributing to the unfinished pyramid which is our republic. 405 more words

Are Democrats Declaring WAR on the United States

By Robert McClain – Re-Blogged From iPatriot

I know the Democrats do not like the comparison (who would?) but they are doing exactly what their ancestors did over a century and a half ago. 565 more words

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Oh The Hiposcrisy

Let me be very clear, the shooting that took place on Wednesday against the Republican Members of Congress is a despicable act of violence. It should not be tolerated, normalized, minimized, or forgotten. 824 more words


Searching for Messiah

I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to make the statement that it appears that our society is in search of a messiah figure.  535 more words