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Carrier, Crony Capitalism, & Controversy.

President-elect Trump ran for president as an economic populist. His campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again!,” is an explicit appeal to an obsessive sense of American decline. 1,237 more words


Americans Are As Crazy As Nigerians. Who Knew??

So tonight, I was already getting bored of surfing the web (I mean, there’s only so much Facebook, Twitter, Nairaland and Instagram you can take before you want to shut down your account and move to the Himalayas) so I decided to do something I sometimes do when I’m online and bored and don’t want to go to bed just yet – read online news. 386 more words


Responding to the Outrage I Haven't Seen: clickbait

If the content of your story is that someone reacted, or is reacting to, something else, I am going to need you to cite the specifics of said reaction. 536 more words


A Test Of Patience

In this space I recently wrote that I would be patient and give President-elect Donald J. Trump a chance to show that he understands what it takes to lead this country and to deal with the many issues confronting us today.   1,877 more words

Partisan Majorities

As any voter will note, a political party is influential in many ways.  Candidates file paperwork to run and may identify with a party or as an independent and this is the same as with voter registration.   573 more words


Defund N.P.R. Bumper Sticker

Given that a modern proliferation of news outlets allow everyone broad opportunities to participate in sharing information, federal funding of National Public Radio (NPR) is no longer necessary. 29 more words