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We Need to Overcome Our Fear of Being Labeled a Partisan

There were many strange things about this election, but one thing that has been overlooked is the amount of false agreement people claimed to find on the candidates. 707 more words

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Red Lines and Areas of Compromise for the Democratic Party

The Democratic Party is at a crossroads. In defeat–and the Democrat’s were resoundingly defeated in every branch and at every level of government in the 2016 elections–lies an opportunity for change. 211 more words

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Titles, and being bigger than them

I’m part of an author’s group. It’s truly a wonderful resource to help a writer figure out if he or she wants to seek traditional publishing, go independent, and even who to hire for editing and design. 1,050 more words

A View on Balance: Yoga, Minds and Eyes

I went to yoga class the other day and after holding a difficult pose for a minute the yoga instructor asked us to switch sides. 394 more words


Understanding Conservative Ideology on Economic Opportunity--"I Didn't Need It" & "I Didn't Get It"

I was blessed with an incredibly supportive family, both in emotional and financial terms–I was lucky. Still, I faced many obstacles growing up, so I can only imagine the difficulties faced by others. 1,589 more words

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Notes To A Partisan Christian

As I sit here enjoying my favorite Sabbath spot, it’s hard for me to turn off, in my mind, all that has happened in our world in just the last week. 610 more words

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Battle of the Grown-Ups

I will own this: I am politically left of center. I’m not sure I’d call myself a liberal, but maybe. I am definitely sad and scared about the election results, and the candidates I voted for for president and senator were not elected. 946 more words