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It's actually fairly easy to explain Donald Trump's rise

I guess we should start here: he’s not going to win the GOP nomination. He might run top-3 for a portion of the primaries, but he won’t win. 509 more words

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Discouraged voters may fuel the revolution...

By poll numbers and my own observations, it seems that an unprecedented number of people are waking up to the reality that the Ds and Rs are part of a… 642 more words


Hype Pre-drinks Mix and Deadspark on a Roll

It’s update time! And first I want to let you know about a silly mix I did for hyping yourselves up to some big fun tunes. 237 more words


Napkin Notes: Planned Parenthood Defunding and the Roots of US Partisan Proxy Fights

It seems that the entire (unhad) debate around Planned Parenthood boils down to what are the ethical and acceptable uses for fetal tissue, and human tissue in general, for scientific research. 125 more words

Napkin Notes

Official fears US ‘national interest’ being hurt by partisan Iran row


WASHINGTON, United States (AFP) — The former White House official who resigned this week as head of a key US group lobbying against the Iran nuclear deal, warned Wednesday that the partisan row was hurting America’s national interest. 604 more words

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"Artifice" is under construction at last...

Brad’s book, Werewolves of Brooklyn, has been released into the wild, and now it’s time to cry and despair because it didn’t hit #1 yet and so it’s all for naught, why do I bother, etc. 461 more words


Politics & Policy

The distinction between Politics & Policy is all too quickly loss in today’s discourse. The important issues of daily life and philosophy rarely get discussed without the participants diving up into teams.  135 more words