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The Impeachment of William Woods Holden

On this day, March 22nd in 1871, William Woods Holden was the first governor in the United States to be impeached and removed from office.  His story is a reminder of what happens when pure partisan rancor becomes the norm in unhappy eras of American politics. 278 more words

Witnesing to Christianity in the 21st Century

How should a voter witness to Christianity in the 21st century? We’re often left with two choices. We can side with the left. After all, wasn’t Jesus’ mission to help the poor? 268 more words

Those Damn Socialists and Fascists

Have you ever noticed how horrible the people are who disagree with you? I mean, how do they not understand? Obviously their either stupid or just bad people. 414 more words

The protest of partisanship

I have long been wary of those who “doth protest too much”. When somebody or something is being overly active in regard to their apparent beliefs, I tend to ask questions as to the motivations of why they feel the need to yell the loudest on certain issues. 303 more words


Mini Reviews #2

Partisan (2015) – ★★★

Partisan follows the pre-pubescent Alexander, living in a cult-like commune led by the charmingly cruel Gregori (Vincent Cassel), in a broken down city. 389 more words


In ‘candid’ talk with PM, Reform leaders highlight growing US partisan divide on Israel

American Jewish Reform leaders held a “candid” meeting in Jerusalem on Sunday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. They shared their concerns over a wide range of issues, including maintaining US bipartisan backing for Israel amid a what… 513 more words

Daily News

The Fake News Watch: Hyper-Partisanship (Ep.5)

With alternative facts and fake news on the rise, The Fake News Watch is where we check the facts, call out the bullshit, and learn to identify the difference. 71 more words

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