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More Trouble on the Horizon

I waited twenty-four hours to comment on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to a joint meeting of Congress concerning negotiations with Iran over nuclear weapons to see if my initial incredulous reaction changed with contemplation.   1,475 more words

Partisan // II

Bunny, the artist behind the project Partisan, dropped this one in finality the other day after teasing us with a single by single countdown. This one opens up in true industrial fashion with the track “Fissure” with some tribal beats conducted on what sounds like a battalion of steel shopping carts clamoring about. 99 more words


Journo list


The link is to a NYT journalist advising his colleagues what to do (and stop doing) to restore the public’s faith.
In the Australian context, my list would be as follows: 313 more words

Israel and Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s refusal to meet with Senate Democrats when Bibi comes to make his controversial speech to Congress is another step towards making support for Israel partisan. 497 more words


Statement of Kharkov Partizans Identifying Bomb Attack on Pro-Junta March as Junta Provocation

THIS is what the junta and its Anglo American sugar daddies do in Kharkov… this is more of the same. However, take heart, only the terminally stupid will take the junta provocation at face value. 167 more words


Why Greens are a tempting choice this year

Today, the Green Party of Canada released its revised Vision Green document (i.e. the party manifesto). I like it.

I like it a lot. Yes, I’ve had my share of the Green kool-aid—but I want to zero in on one section in particular, one section that makes Green candidates a pretty tempting choice in  858 more words