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Sci-Fi!, Venus och Partisan

Summary in English: Some notes on a campaign for the Swedish space opera role-playing game Sci-Fi!

Som jag har nämnt tidigare här i bloggen håller jag på att skriva en… 510 more words

Role-playing Games

Divided We Stand

America is a nation that prides itself on being united and democratic. If a country is unified it may seem likely that its citizens would have similar viewpoints or interests. 1,361 more words

Tunes of the Month January 2016

Each month i’m going to post a selection of tracks, singles and downloads, not on the albums I’ve reviewed that I have been listening. Here’s January: 276 more words

Sun 7 - Wed 10 Feb: PARTISAN

Ariel Kleiman’s moody thriller PARTISAN (2015) is film of the week at The Montpelier’s Back Room Cinema from Sunday 7th February.

On the edge of a crumbling city, 11-year-old Alexander (Jeremy Chabriel) lives in a sequestered commune alongside other children, their mothers, and charismatic leader, Gregori (Vincent Cassel). 126 more words


A Proper Third Party

In Monty Python’s election sketch, the renowned British comedy team explored the binary nature of modern politics, staging a comic election in which a ‘sensible’ party composed of regular politicians competed in an election race against a ‘silly’ party comprised primarily of clowns. 699 more words

January 21st

This is the San Marco theatre in the Venezia area. Only the facade remains of the original building since it was bombed during WWII. The new premises house a preschool. 43 more words


Partisan: Review

2015’s Partisan follows a cult of single mothers and their children who have been charmed and raised by the charismatic Gregori (Vincent Cassel).  At first this cult, hidden away in a high rise wasteland, seems to be a safe haven for the women and their children who have felt so abandoned by the outer world.  395 more words