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Partition Change Tracking with Surprise

Partition Change Tracking (PCT) is a powerful feature in Oracle for fast refresh of materialized views when one of the base tables is partitioned. But under certain conditions, PCT does not work as expected and returns an unpleasant surprise. 1,398 more words



I made a mistake a few days ago following up a question on the OTN database forum. The question was about a problem creating a hash/list composite partitioned table, and one of the respondants suggested that perhaps the problem appeared because hash/list wasn’t a legal combination. 401 more words


Managing VLDBs (Very Large Databases) and Tables

Databases having tables of tens of millions records need special considerations for data manipulations and maintenance operations. We’ll discuss few of the features in SQL Server that can help in this regard. 346 more words


CBO catchup

It’s interesting to watch the CBO evolving and see how an enhancement in one piece of code doesn’t necessarily echo through to all the other places it seems to fit. 1,116 more words


PostgreSQL: Partitioned tables and Hibernate

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The posts PostgreSQL: Partitioning big tables Part 1 and Part 2 describe the implementation of this performance measure from the database view. 573 more words

Enterprise Applications

Increasing Disk Space in VirtualBox (Ubuntu)

There can be times when you need to increase the size of the VirtualBox VDI Image.

Changing the size of the image doesn’t automatically extends the primary partition. 169 more words