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Hurry to See Viceroy's House

Movie Review, “Viceroy’s House,” Directed by Gurinder Chadha, 106 minutes.

Like most useful political movies, “Viceroy’s House” is showing in a very limited run. In Dallas, it’s at the Inwood, but showing only twice each day and sure to disappear on Friday. 407 more words


Mathematician of the Week - Autumn 1 - Week 3

Congratulations to our Mathematician of the Week this week.

You have impressed all of the adults in Pearl class with your knowledge of partitioning a two-digit number into tens and ones. 10 more words


Hard disk management. | Windows cannot be installed on an USB drive-solved.

Installing windows on an external USB drive using the windows setup, is not possible. As you are aware, windows returns an error every time you select a partition in the drive to install your windows. 611 more words

Data Management

Rebuilding Indexes

One of the special events that can make it necessary to rebuild an index is the case of the “massive DML”, typically a bulk delete that purges old data from a table. 1,068 more words


Interval partitioning just got better

Interval partitioning was a great feature when it arrived in version 11, because we no longer had to worry so much about ensuring partitions were available for new data when it arrived.  699 more words

Can Table Partitioning Improve Query Performance?

At work we have tables containing billions of rows, and are hundreds of GB in size. The business intelligence queries we run against them in the reporting database are often focused around dates and not accountids / productids as they are in PROD.  1,636 more words


Manual Oracle database creation using sqlplus

I used to create databases for test purposes using DBCA Oracle tool, but it appeared to be handy to create small databases using just SQLPLUS. Also, it could be a useful skill if you are going to pass OCM exam. 6,524 more words