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Green Mansions in WV

I’m hiking with my dog, on our 45 acres in Ritchie County, WV. The beautiful acreage is why we moved here: for the acreage, certainly not for the tumbledown house. 2,383 more words


Property Rights

I don’t really get why this one is so hard for our politicians.

Your rights come first

Not the rights of corporations or big business. Your rights. 239 more words


Yeah, a new one in my stupid linux fails mid-night. I was just installing Gentoo and wanting to prepare my disk. Well at first I did everything right, but then I wanted to correct something and started… 118 more words


Partial Indexes Trilogy - Part 3: Queries on Partial Indexes

After creating local and global partial indexes, the last part of this blog post trilogy shows how partial indexes are used by the optimizer for SQL queries – especially for queries in Data Warehouse environments. 2,638 more words



A neuro-evolution method for dynamic resource allocation on a chip multiprocessor (paper)
Neural network를 사용해 CMP에서 각 코어에 대한 캐시 할당량을 결정하고자 하는 논문이다. 22 more words

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Partial Indexes Trilogy - Part 2: Global Partial Indexes

Partial Indexes, introduced with Oracle 12c, are available for local and global indexes. In part 2 of this blog post trilogy, let’s focus on global partial indexes on a partitioned table. 1,899 more words


DML and Bloom

One of the comments on my recent posting about “Why use pl/sql bulk strategies over simple SQL” pointed out that it’s not just distributed queries that can change plans dramatically when you change from a simple select to… 1,125 more words