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Aggregation and partitioned tables

One of my main tasks is to keep a close eye on performance. Every time we have a major release, I have to start looking at performance, find main culprits and fix them. 2,055 more words


Rebuild a Standard Table to a Partitioned Table

I have been working on a SQL DW database and revisiting an existing SQL table partitioning scheme.  The main reasons we’re going to all this trouble is to (a) implement a full partition based optimisation process and (b) implement a partial database backup scheme. 1,587 more words

SQL Server

Software integrity level partitioning

A short tutorial on the architectural principles of integrity level partitioning,  I wrote this a while ago, but the fundamentals remain the same. Partitioning is a very powerful design technique but if you apply it you… 69 more words

Reference Partitioning on Star Schema: A Good Idea?

In my last blog post, I noticed that surrogate keys on a time dimension cannot be combined with partitioned fact tables in a star schema. 1,128 more words


Automatic Data Purging With Partition Switching

In a previous article I showed a basic example of Partition Switching, using animal names (https://wp.me/p3Vxvi-2u). While not a realistic example for everyday use it did get the principles across. 1,209 more words

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