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12.2 Online Conversion of a Non-Partitioned Table to a Partitioned Table (A Small Plot Of Land)

In my previous post, I discussed how you can now move heap tables online with Oracle Database 12.2 and how this can be very beneficial in helping to address issues with the Clustering Factor of key indexes. 1,064 more words

Oracle Indexes

thirty Wood Partitioning That Include Aesthetic Worth To Your Home

Wood partitioning are more compared to bare practical panels. Accessible in a wide range of versions, they can end up being the focal point of a room. 23 more words

Gnome Disks Rescan Partition Tables

Sometimes gnome-disk-utility will does not update partition info after re-partitioning a disk. For example, attach a blank usb drive to a vm and then run an installation. 64 more words


How to solve error-Windows cannot install on partition formatted using the GPT partition style.

Windows installation is a small but very important process in computer use. However, while installing windows, sometimes user, may encounter some few errors and failures due to certain circumstances in a computer. 1,057 more words

Hardware Problems

Using $PARTITION to find the last time an event occured

In a previous post I showed how you can use the $PARTITION system function to force your query to only look at one or more partitions and today I have a semi-practical example of how to use this. 258 more words


Partition count for interval partitioned tables

When dealing with a RANGE partitioned table, the defined partitions dictate all of the data that can be placed into the table. For example, if I have a SALES table as per below… 635 more words

More Partitioning

In a previous post I wrote an introduction to partitioning with a simple demo.  In this post I’m going to use a larger data set to compare the performance of partitioned and non partitioned tables.   1,494 more words