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Reference Partitioning on Star Schema: A Good Idea?

In my last blog post, I noticed that surrogate keys on a time dimension cannot be combined with partitioned fact tables in a star schema. 1,128 more words


Automatic Data Purging With Partition Switching

In a previous article I showed a basic example of Partition Switching, using animal names (https://wp.me/p3Vxvi-2u). While not a realistic example for everyday use it did get the principles across. 1,209 more words

Partition Switch

Time Dimension Keys and Partitioning

In the physical design of a star schema, it is recommended to use surrogate keys for the primary keys of dimension tables. Except for the time dimension. 1,860 more words


Optimizer statistics - Stale percentage and partitioning

Oracle is full of surprises, dbms_stats and optimizer statistics as well. That’s why I’m starting a new series named “Optimized statistics” in which I’ll cover some gathering and usage issues related to them. 711 more words


The value of getting your office refurbished

Should you choose not need an essential element as it pertains to producing your workplace room take a look at its greatest having your workplace restored is he job could be a bit difficult. 411 more words


Office fit out professionals helps improve your overall brand visibility

Just like stunning houses wow all neighbors beautifully created and decorated practices are brand ambassadors of the organization talking towards the people about its wealth. Because it displays in excellent quantity how modern the organization is, it’s a good marketing and advertising device of one’s organization. 381 more words


Aluminium Demountable Partitions

Generally based on 1200mm modules these types of partitions are fully demountable, re-locatable and multi-purpose. They offer a quick and simple solution to dividing up workspaces. 129 more words

Demountable Partitions