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What is the default sharding key in MySQL Cluster?

MySQL Cluster does an automatic sharding/partitioning to the tables across data nodes, enabling databases to scale horizontally to serve read and write-intensive workloads, but what is the default sharding key used in partitioning the data? 828 more words

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ORACLE 12.2 -Auto List Partitioning

Another new feature in the partitioning aerea is the automatic list partitioning. Like with the interval partitioning that came with ORACLE 11.1 the automatic list partitioning creates new partitions as they are required. 313 more words


How to move Partitions ONLINE and make them READ ONLY in #Oracle 12c

You’ll see two New Features about Partitions covered here:  MOVE ONLINE (12cR1) and READ ONLY (12cR2)

$ sqlplus adam/adam@pdb1

SQL*Plus: Release Production on Thu Jan 5 08:53:59 2017

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ORACLE 12.2 - Convert a non-partitioned table to a partitioned table

ORACLE 12.2 allows the conversion of a non partitioned table to a partitioned table using the ALTER TABLE command. The whole conversion can be done “online” meaning, that during the conversion DML operations against the table are allowed. 665 more words


ORACLE 12.2 - create table for exchange with clause

With ORACLE 12.2 the create table statement has been enriched by the new “for exchange with” clause. This enables us to create a exchange table that is a clone of the partitioned table which is the target of a later exchange table command… 848 more words




Partitioning enhances the performance, manageability, and availability of a wide variety of applications and helps reduce the total cost of ownership for storing large amounts of data. 379 more words

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Partitions number in MySQL Cluster

As stated in the MySQL Cluster documentation:

Partition.  This is a portion of the data stored by the cluster. There are as many cluster partitions as nodes…

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