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Indexing and Partitioning

Partitioning tables is a great tool to increase the manageability of your data. Being able to move large amounts of data in and out of a table quickly is incredibly helpful. 1,108 more words


Automatic Data Purging With Partition Truncation

Some years ago a wrote an article about automatic data purging with partition switching. Having moved to SQL Server 2016 recently I have encountered the new ability to truncate individual partitions, rather than switching data out. 920 more words


Interval Partition Problem

Assume you’ve got a huge temporary tablespace, there’s plenty of space in your favourite tablespace, you’ve got a very boring, simple table you want to copy and partition, and no-one and nothing is using the system. 1,697 more words


Managing AUD$ segment. Missing audit records. Part 1.

There is a pretty standard task to manage Oracle audit segment, because it tends to grow unlimitedly by default if you are auditing anything. There are several ways to achieve this, but I got curios to use the new feature of 12.2 database of online partitioning previously not split table. 1,637 more words


Incremental Statistics - A Real World Scenario

Incremental statistics reduce the time to gather global statistics for a partitioned table. Really? In some situations it may happen that incremental statistics slow down statistics calculation dramatically. 1,231 more words