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Oracle Database 12c R2 Partitioning New Features – Automatic List Partitioning

Oracle Database 12.2 introduces new nice and powerful partitioning features. This post will introduce one of them “Automatic List Partitioning”. We may talk about other features in future posts. 432 more words


How to achieve cellular replication without fail: lessons from bacterial cells

Speaker:             Christine Jacobs-Wagner
Department:     Microbial sciences institute, dept. of molecular cellular and developmental biology
Subject:              How to achieve cellular replication without fail: lessons from bacterial cells… 956 more words

Seminar Report

How to Check and Modify Default Attributes of Tables and Indexes Partitions

Sometimes the default attributes require to be modified for future partitions, or sub-partitions, specially in the situation when tables and indexes are refreshed from different environment. 355 more words


Using Partitioned Views

Partitioned views allow the data in a large table to be split into smaller member tables. The data is partitioned between the member tables based on ranges of data values in one of the columns. 709 more words

Why Not Customized your Office Fit-Outs?

Your office needs to be designed and decorated in such a manner that all your requirements are served. It is not just about beautification when decorating the interior of your office, but at the same time you also need to make sure that maximum utility is derived. 553 more words


Querying Data and Metadata from Partitioned Tables and Indexes

When querying data or performing updates, there is no difference in the way you reference a partitioned table versus a table that is not partitioned. 253 more words

Modifying Partitioned Tables and Indexes

You can modify partitioned tables and indexes in the following ways:

  • Modify a partition function to re-partition any tables or indexes that participate in it.
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