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How to reduce Buffer Busy Waits with Hash Partitioned Tables in #Oracle

Large OLTP sites may suffer from Buffer Busy Waits. Hash Partitioning is one way to reduce it on both, Indexes and Tables. My last post demonstrated that for Indexes… 485 more words


How to reduce Buffer Busy Waits with Hash Partitioned Indexes in #Oracle

Buffer Busy Waits can be a serious problem for large OLTP systems on both tables and indexes. If e.g. many inserts from multiple sessions occur simultaneously, they may have to compete about the same index leaf blocks like the picture below shows: 515 more words


How Partial Indexing helps you save space in #Oracle 12c

Over time certain partitions may become less popular. In 12c, you don’t have to index these partitions anymore! This can save huge amounts of space and is one of the best 12c New Features in my opinion. 509 more words


How to change RANGE- to INTERVAL-Partitioning in #Oracle

An existing RANGE partitioned table can easily be changed to be INTERVAL partitioned with the SET INTERVAL command. My table has been created initially like this: 268 more words


Reload a table quickly.

Sometimes loading new data or even changes into a table just isn’t going to work. You need a complete reload. A summary table of data from the previous month, for example. 571 more words

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Today's sums

Three digit numbers are pretty hard so we’ve decided to put a video off it (see the blog post on partitioning).

125 + 230 = 15 more words

Matha Mania

Partitioning using 3 digit numbers

Here’s a video that explains groovy partitioning!

Matha Mania