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I'm Fine

Tears dropped from her eyes, “I’m fine,” no one was there to hear the statement “I’m fine” desperately repeated in a hysterical plea.

How could she be fine? 507 more words


17 people reveal the one thing that made them immediately dump their partner

Breakups are never easy, unless your significant other does something so unforgivable that you have no problem dumping them on the spot. Unfortunately, I can say that I’ve been in this situation before, but it’s always better to find out earlier than later. 25 more words


3 Types of People Most Likely to Cheat on Their Partner

Infidelity is one of the biggest causes of breakups and of divorce.

For New York Times best selling author and “love life strategist” Matthew Hussey, cheating is “whatever the two of you have decided is beyond the boundary of what is OK.” 327 more words


Breath awareness for health and survival

Breathing is such a basic function that it becomes invisible to us. Paying attention to our breath leads to a greater awareness and thus ability to do what is needed. 309 more words


Was junge Haut braucht

Junge Haut hat ganz besondere Bedürfnisse, sie neigt nämlich zu Unreinheiten und einer erhöhten Fettproduktion. Seifenkaiser Alexander Kraml von der Bademeisterei erklärt uns, worauf wir bei der Wahl der richtigen Pflegeprodukte achten sollten. 419 more words

Miss Austrias

7 phrases that could mean it's time to end a relationship

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

There are a lot of phrases that you never want your partner to utter.

“We need to talk” is one that always puts a pit in peoples’ stomachs. 929 more words


किस करते वक्त सिर का झुकाव सिर्फ एक तरफ ही क्यों होता है?

पार्टनर्स के बीच किस में सिर का झुकाव सिर्फ एक तरफ ही क्यों होता है?

नई दिल्ली: पार्टनर्स के बीच किस एक बहुत ही खास पल होता है.

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