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Before he left...

As you’ll know if you read my other posts MJ left last Sunday so before he went I stayed Wednesday-Friday. It was a very up and downy time which I think had more to do with the fact that we knew that pretty much a month of separation was coming up. 384 more words


Self-worth changes with age and experience. Happiness quotient decreases with age. Do you feel very bad for being rejected by somebody you liked even after many years? 390 more words


Ghost Lover

He’s back. Her ghost lover. The fact is, he never really leaves. He takes up space and is present and no time is involved. If time were involved he would leave. 355 more words


Why Marriage is Important to Me

Neither my partner nor myself are religious, and our families aren’t either. We have no assets, already live together, will soon be considered common law to some governmental degree and have no children. 227 more words


I want to hear about your love life. I want to know if its what you want and all about your partner! Spill the beans, don’t be shy!

Relationships are they dead?

During a cosy dinner this weekend an interesting question stuck in my head; Are relationships dead? In the western civilization it is only necessary for us to be together with a partner is to reproduce. 232 more words