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Why we don't want logic in love

The amount of words that can hurt us in a relationship is unbelievable. They can be so simple and painfully harmless.
The other day my partner commented something along the lines of… 344 more words


All Together Now

I usually don’t use an alarm to wake up. I like to wake up naturally. You see, I have that luxury as an unemployed actor and freelance writer who, by the way, has made exactly $200 writing this year. 724 more words

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This is a classic hug to come back to again and again during any hugging encounter. Get him in front of you and hug heart to heart. 1,330 more words


TURBOBIER - Auf dem Kreuzzug ins Bier - Tour 2017

Seit der Gr├╝ndung der “Bieristischen Glaubensgemeinschaft” sind TURBOBIER von ihrem Pfad der Gerechten nicht mehr abzubringen und werden auf eben jenem wandeln, um Radler wieder in vern├╝nftiges Bier zu verwandeln. 214 more words


Ways to partner in Revit

There are many ways to have multiple teams work Revit. Within the office over a network you work share with your colleagues, all synchronizing your respective local files to a central model. 428 more words


The Intent of this Blog

I decided to start this blog because I felt like there wasn’t very many resources for women and men out there to learn how to truly please their partner and themselves. 219 more words

In the UK, Pfizer and a partner hiked anti-epilepsy drug price 2600% overnight

(Source: arstechnica.com)

US pharma giant Pfizer and a partnering distributor have been slapped with a record fine for hiking UK drug prices by 2,600% overnight. 507 more words