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Partners Uplifting Life's from Poverty | IAM Group Limited

IAM Group Limited Charities Recommendations

IAM Group Ltd made reviews of the following Charities. If you join this site, we have Charities that we recommend because they are non-denominated as our mission in IAM Group Limited Seoul Korea is about selflessness without bounds. 265 more words



My love for him felt like a saying.
Felt like a paper boat in an ocean.
An ocean filled with ardor and tenderness.
The waves egded me more closer to him. 73 more words

180 Nutrition – Your Partner In Becoming Healthy And Fit - Video Dailymotion

With the sedentary lifestyle today, people tend to become overweight or even obese. Thus, becoming healthy and fit is quite a difficult task. However, you must know though that there are recipes like weight loss smoothies from 180 Nutrition that can help you achieve this goal. 16 more words

Petit Four 10: Love in Routines

Rather fitting since I am doing wash this very moment

Hope you all are still enjoying these; leave me a comment below if you feel particularly compelled!

Keep Writing



Thoughts of Spring

I haven’t felt much like writing lately, but it’s not that my life is so dull there isn’t anything to mention.

Quite the opposite, actually. 188 more words

Longings And Relationships

My Husband is a Dork

and I love it.

He can be completely oblivious and ridiculous about things. Like his hatred of cheese and intense dislike of garlic. Strange boy, I don’t know how we get along sometimes. 197 more words


Slow down

So, let’s talk about sex .
I can only tell You about my experience.
I am having the same partner for 15 years. that is my wife. 471 more words