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April Fool's Day

So the other year, for April Fool’s Day (2014? I think?), I changed my Facebook status to “engaged” and didn’t say a word to anyone about it otherwise. ¬† 780 more words


"The secret to getting ahead is getting started"

It’s actually quite hard to start a first blog. I was recommended to try writing by numerous people, mainly people aiming to help me improve my mental health. 449 more words


Love Love Love

I realise my first Three posts have been of the sombre variety but today after an awful nights sleep, I’m in a weirdly pleasant mood. 738 more words

Waiting for sun to return ...

My bipolar ( I suffer from Cyclothymia bipolar)I always say is very similar to the British weather- overcast with occasional bright spells followed by intermittent showers. 582 more words

May Contain Rants


It’s that unconditional love we all seek. That love that can not be changed or hinged, tossed to the side and easy to forget about. It’s that feeling that eats you up inside and hits you one day when you realise ‘this is it. 257 more words

Megan Louise Foster-White

Social Butterfly

She smiles at me
And disappears
The world blurs
The seams tear

Fickle and flitting
Social butterfly
Gone before
You can ask why

A faint perfume… 46 more words



Your head in my arms
You smile in your sleep
My heart against my chest
Bursting with each leap

For it wants to be closer… 47 more words