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december through parts

where it feels as the aspect

and long as its own beauty

and dancing

as its own doors

and through the sheer genius

as its own aspect… 44 more words


The Most Stressful Parts Of Making Christmas Dinner

Here are the most STRESSFUL parts of making Christmas dinner, according to a new survey.

Are you in charge of Christmas dinner this year?

A new survey had people rank the most stressful parts of making and hosting Christmas dinner. 53 more words



fuck fuck fuck

my thoughts are racing. oh fuck. its baaad

i cant cope this these thoughts. just feel overwhelmed and sad.

oh gawd, why is it always at night? 48 more words


It be darina
and want to kno somfin
I wish I had reeces penut buter cups
I love them
and I don got any
no fair! 86 more words

Mental Illness

I am so dehydrated today

i am a little worried today. i feel really dehydrated. i mean literally i am gasping, have been drinking a ton of water. cups and cups of it out of the water cooler. 170 more words


What Are The Major Applications of Carbon Fiber Sheets?

Carbon is perhaps the most abundantly found elements on this planet. It is present almost everywhere, and with the advancement in the field of science and technology, different types of applications have been figured out. 308 more words

Carbon Fiber Composites