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17 Male Voices That Make Your Lady Parts Tingle Every Time

One surefire, panty-drop guarantee is a beautiful man that can sing. The second that sultry voice drips through his microphone we can’t help but get all hot and bothered. 147 more words


contrary to contradiction...

The well bred contradict other people. The wise contradict themselves.

Oscar Wilde

I don’t claim to be wise, but it amuses me when I contradict myself.

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Need House Painting in Tempe, AZ

Need House Painting in Tempe, AZIn many parts of the country the…

M.I.T.~ Missing in Therapy II

Over the weekend the pain returned and by Monday morning I couldn’t sit; the pain was horrible. By 9:30AM, I was texting my therapist for help! 739 more words


it be me darina and I maked a video I am six and I like to sing but this video I was jus havin fun cuz I don kno all the words of the new song I am learning yet and I wand see if any of ar blog frends liked this song and tell me wat they think and if they think I shuld lern it

Dissociative Identity Disorder

so many parts, so many emotions

There are so many conflicting emotions amongst parts right now
It goes like this.
The kids
Taylor, the bad mans gonna get me!
erika, I am worried about everything… 107 more words


Today I was "Cynthia"

Today so far has been vivid yellow obliterated by battleship grey, with little inbetween. A brand new *alter* made an appearance. In case you’re wondering, an alter is an alternate being, a different personality, a split off part of me, a distinct mode of being that lies separate and disconnected to my usual personality and identity. 1,126 more words