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‚ÄčAnd then as I turned around, there she was across the street completely engrossed in what happened to be a Dylan Spark, flipping the pages as if they were made of glass. 251 more words


Last session

Last session was different. In a good way I think.

I don’t want to describe the whole thing. Just a few things. After the previous session, I’d written Ron an email somewhat like my last post. 532 more words


did...that awkward moment when?

You are sitting in the basement club typing on your laptop and you here someone, a strange lady calling your name, you look up, and say yes, but you are wondering why this stranger seems to know you. 39 more words


ok so I have set up the private blog for our littles and I will post the link here and if your interested you can request to follow the blog. 63 more words


question to my followers

our littles have been wanting to write a blog for a while now. i’ve decided to allow them to do this. but i’ve decided to make it private. 75 more words


Juicero teardown hints at a very expensively-built product

(Source: arstechnica.com)

A product designer and venture capital partner took apart a Juicero to see what made the notorious $400 juice presser so expensive. What he found was eight separate machined parts and a slew of custom plastic pieces that likely made the presser more expensive than it needed to be. 475 more words


PC Upgrade Essentials

Before we start, I would like to inform our readers that this upgrade path is targeted towards people who doesn’t upgrade their PC components quite often or to people who are let’s say, not too updated with the PC world. 1,084 more words