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Partscaster Build pt. 5 - Finishing Touches

Last week, I finally put the pickup and electronics in my Partscaster build and pronounced it “done.” However, over the last year since its completion, this guitar has undergone several further modifications to improve its tone and playability, ultimately leading me to start using it as my primary instrument. 908 more words

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Partscaster Build pt. 4 - Electronics

Last week, I detailed my misadventures installing the neck and getting the guitar itself into a playable state. This week, we get to the electronic guts and wrap up the build! 535 more words

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Partscaster Build pt. 3 - Mounting the Neck and Bridge

Last week, I detailed the finishing process for the body of my Partscaster build. This week, I’ll be mounting the neck and bridge on the guitar, and getting a rough setup done before moving onto the electronics. 702 more words

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Partscaster Build pt. 2 - Finishing the Body

Last week, I began this series by talking about how I came to embark on the journey of building my own guitar. This week, we continue onward with the finishing work I did on the body itself. 628 more words

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Partscaster Build, pt. 1 - Intro

Last week, I wrote about why you should consider building your own guitar. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to detail my journey in assembling what has become my principle instrument, a simple Tele-style parts build. 600 more words

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Why I Built My Own Guitar (And Why You Should Too)

I am a man of singular taste, or so I’m told. This is certainly evident when looking at my guitar collection. To untrained eyes, my guitars look like hell, a collection of haphazardly-assembled spare parts and bizarre renditions of traditional designs. 1,111 more words

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'57 goldtop beater...

I often feel that there are a lot of things that go into a beautiful new guitar that I don’t necessarily want to pay for, mostly the beautiful stuff. 1,314 more words