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Spray Paint Booth.

Here’s my folding cardboard spray paint booth. Rolling table with a box fan on top is on the other side. I just open the garage door, turn on the fan and go to it. 15 more words

Model Car Building

Ignore Alien Orders. That's an order...

The “Ignore Alien Orders” sticker on Strummer’s guitar is iconic. Whilst I’m not out to make an exact replica – I want this crucial part of the build to look authentic.

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Shimming the Jaguar neck pocket.

It seems the Staytrem bridge must be taller than the stock design Jaguar bridge. Either that, or the neck heel is too deep. The action on the Jaguar is well above what you’d call normal – even with the bridge screwed all the way down to the deck.

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Fitting the Jaguar pickups.

As with most projects, all the individual elements build one on another – each relying on the quality and accuracy of the previous steps. So fitting the pickups feels a little bit like putting the pinnacle on a house of cards.

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Faking it. 50 years of use and abuse, in a single day.

Having taken a brand new telecaster body, and faked a bit of a paint job on it – I now have to find a way to convincingly reproduce 50+ years of use and abuse.

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Jaguar wiring - Day One. Building in the ground side of the circuit.

In the original, 1962 Jaguar design, all the ground side of the circuit ran via a series of linked, brass plates which fitted into the bottom of each recess cavity.

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Getting ready for the electronics. Polish, Superglue and Copper foil.

I’ve got a pair of pickups and a wiring harness on order. In the meanwhile, it’s time to tidy everything up and get ready. Wiring a Jaguar looks like a complicated business.

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