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Garland Ranks As One Of The Worst Cities To Celebrate New Years

Garland may not be known for a lot, but there is no doubt it’s residents do not want to be known as one of the worst spots for your New Year celebration. 189 more words


Texas Elector Will Not Vote For Donald Trump On December 19th

On December 19th, the Electoral College will cast their votes for President of the United States. In most cases, the electors will vote with the state, meaning if Texas voted for Donald Trump, the electors will typically follow suit. 204 more words


Bathtub Party

“Megan, get in here!” Claude shouted.

“Where? Where are you guys?” Megan asked.

“The bathtub!” was Jeff’s reply.

“What?!” Megan said, bursting into the bathroom. Claude, Jeff, Karyn, and Alaina were sitting in the tub, water sloshing over the sides. 128 more words

Short Story

At Least 33 Dead After Fire At Warehouse Rave In Oakland

Oakland’s thriving music scene took a huge hit Friday as a fire ravaged through a warehouse hosting an electronic dance party, leaving over 30 dead. 172 more words


Movie Boxes

RECIPE #326, DAY #517

ORIGINAL RECIPE: Got the idea from various people on Pinterest*

TIMING: 15 minutes, at most

DIFFICULTY: Easy, depending on your means of making popcorn… 290 more words


Candy Sushi

RECIPE #325, DAY #516

ORIGINAL RECIPE: From “Big Hero Six Family Movie Night” from online Sweet Lil You*

TIMING: 20 minutes, plus some time to cool… 412 more words


Chocolate Birthday Cake

RECIPE #323, DAY #516

ORIGINAL RECIPE: “Chocolate Cake” and “Fudge Frosting” from Betty Crocker’s Cookbook*

TIMING: A few hours, total

DIFFICULTY: Advanced, considering the fondant. 563 more words