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Every Day A New Experience (February 12th, 2015): Explored New Outlets

Unique party ideas @ Party City – Life size Gliding balloon, Singing balloon, colorful mini medals and trophies.

Wonderful time spent @ Chuck-E-Cheese with eating out cum video game arcade with gaming options for all age groups, great for kids. 50 more words

Every Day A New Experience

2/10/15 What a Good Deal!

While doing errands today, I found Party City has jump ropes in a bulk pack of 8 for $4! These are great a great find for .50 each! 12 more words


Park City's Alpine Roller Coaster Looks Pretty Fun In The Snow

Usually you see these things as summer attractions to give people a reason to ride the lifts but apparently Park City’s alpine roller coaster is functional during the winter. 27 more words

Maniac - "Party City"

When I’m not cowering in fear of growing old in this gaping void of a universe that gives nothing back except wormholes of unanswerable questions that burrow down into a twisted root of meaninglessness, I also like to appear in music videos! 66 more words


Good Fortune

I saw this on Pinterest and decided to make a bunch to give out to people at work who gave me Christmas gifts. I really dislike the pressure of giving things to people just because they gave me something, so I don’t. 112 more words