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CREEPING Around PARTY CITY on Saturday Night:: February 2016 Edition

Welcome again to our on-going photo-chronicle of Saturday nights spent creeping around the City of Mandeville in search of forbidden knowledge. Sneaking around after dark is easy… if you’re a creep! 732 more words

New Orleans

Snoopy Star Wars

After watching the latest Peanuts Movie, I had asked my Munchkin what birthday theme he would like this year. After some thought, he asked; “is there a Snoopy Star Wars?” I told him to hold on and went on my search on Google Images. 183 more words

Good Things In Life

3 Shoppers Hurt After Party City Shelves Fall Like Dominoes

It’s something you see in movies all the time — something bumps the shelves in a store and down they go in series, like huge dominoes. 150 more words

Buying the Party City

In response to a request: information on how to get hold of a paper copy of Party City is here.

Party City

Party City - Christmas Day

Luke 2:8-20

We rejoice with the angels at the birth of the Christ-child. The angels sing ‘Glory to God in the highest, and peace among those with whom he is pleased.’’ (ESV) 257 more words

Party City


Do you have 5 minutes to answer 5 questions about your experience of the Party City? Your feedback would be most helpful. Click here. 19 more words

Party City

Cities Fall Apart

Isaiah 24:1-20

The tsunami of 2004 struck all along the coastline indiscriminately, but its effects were worst in the city. We all learned the Bahasa word ‘Banda’ for ‘city’, for the tsunami caused the most chaos in Banda Aceh on the island of Aceh. 291 more words

Party City