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Best Eps: Party Down – “Pepper McMasters Singles Seminar”

In this feature I take a look at one episode that marks a high point in a television series.  It’s not necessarily the absolute best a series has to offer, but it’s an episode that remains lodged in memory long after I first watched it. 294 more words

Best Eps

Top 10 Series Finales Of A Comedy Series

Saying goodbye in the best way possible, these shows know how to finish a series while making us laugh and possibly cry.

As always some ground rules. 994 more words


The Guttenberg School or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Gutte (in Just 5 Easy Steps)

While we were discussing September’s Movie of the Month, 1990’s The Boyfriend School, it was amusing to me that no one around here could muster anything cruelly negative to say about the film’s male lead, Steve Guttenberg. 1,882 more words

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'Are We Having Fun Yet?': These 'Party Down' Guest Stars Stole The Show

Party Down should have had an utterly forgettable existence. A quirky-yet-clever comedy about burnout actors passing time as cater waiters that lasted two seasons on a subscription cable network that had next to no track record with original programming, the show somehow found a devoted but small fanbase that has kept its memory alive five years after its unfortunate end. 911 more words


Television Review: Party Down

I have both seasons of Party Down on DVD – it’s an amazing show. From Rob Thomas, the creator of Veronica Mars and Paul Rudd (yes, it seems like a strange combination) comes a show about aspiring performers who work for the catering company called Party Down. 676 more words


VerZombica Mars

Apologies for the lame pun, apologies all around.

So lately I’ve been watching iZombie, the CW show created by Rob Thomas.  Not “3 A.M.” or “Long Day” Rob Thomas, but instead the Veronica Mars and Party Down Rob Thomas.   716 more words


Community Season 6, Episode 8: "Intro to Recycled Cinema"

I know that it’s impossible now that Parks and Recreation is over, but I really wanted them to have a crossover episode with Community. Just think how great it would have been to let Britta Perry and Ron Swanson try and bring down the government. 793 more words