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Merry Moscow Mules

Moscow mules are definitely making a comeback. And, I mean, why not?! They’re delicious! The subtle lime with the ginger and minty flavors is really refreshing, and I think ginger is seriously underrated. 198 more words

Drunk Gummy Bears

I found this recipe in the December issue of Cosmopolitan magazine and had to give it a shot! Cosmo is my secret girly guilty pleasure. It’s like the gummy candy of media but I still love it with its recycled, mostly impractical sex tips and weird bipolar mix of self-esteem promotion and body-shaming… I just can’t help it! 186 more words


So you guys are totally going to think I’m a drunk for buying all the vodka. But I have an excuse! There’s a special rebate offer for buying three bottles! 124 more words


This is Option Two for using up my cornucopia of flavored vodka! A blend of raspberry, blueberry and whipped cream vodka. Now, this doesn’t really count as moonshine because I didn’t make it illegally in my bathtub with corn mash but it’s amber-colored and comes in a mason jar so work with me here. 42 more words


Spiked Orange Punch

It’s the last weekend for Halloween parties. Here’s a quick drink idea to serve at your party! It’s orange color keeps with the halloween theme. While the delicious taste is what keeps you coming back for more! 125 more words


Boozy Melted Caramel Apple

Do you see caramel apple-eaters and internally mock them for needing a nutritious fruit to be their excuse to eat unnecessary amounts of caramel sauce? So do I. 243 more words