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#SnowedIn: Make it a Mai Tai


Nothing is better at convincing you there isn’t a foot of snow outside than one tropical cocktail….or five. This is a Verigan Special–something that we concocted a few years ago when we had too much Sunkist lying around the house. 86 more words

Party Food

Tiny Lemon Tarts


When was the last time you volunteered to bring a dessert to a function? Wow… that long ago? I think it’s time again! And, I’ve got just the thing. 493 more words


Bacon Deviled Eggs

Sometimes,  don’t you crave something?  But you wonder, “WHAT?”  That was me yesterday.   I wanted something delicious, something quick and easy that I could just whip up in minutes.   194 more words


Cowboy Caviar - a hearty salsa that can go with anything!

Last week when I was picking up some produce at a local market, I noticed avocados were on sale. Ten for $7 so I grabbed ten and thought of what I would be making to use those puppies up in the next week. 573 more words


10 Recipes Everyone Should Know

Even non cooks get stuck having to please someone or a group of someones with a dish every now and again. It’s important to know these ten recipes especially if you don’t want to get stuck serving store bought goods or worse takeout. 1,382 more words


Cheap & Easy Cake Stand & Other Oscars Party Decorations

Last Sunday was the cooking event of the year (in my house at least!) I’m talking about my annual Oscar’s party, which has somehow snowballed into an awesome tradition of fancy clothes and fancy food and more people than we can comfortably fit around our TV. 899 more words


Easy, Cheesy Emmi Swiss Fondue

Can we chat about the Oscars this past weekend? I actually watched them this year! NPH was being showtunesy and adorable. The speeches! Oh, how inspiring the speeches were. 867 more words