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Update: August 2017

Been awhile since I’ve blogged here. Haven’t been following the Transhumanists, so nothing to report there. I’ve also been too busy creating short films to do reviews on others’ work here. 76 more words

At The Glamour Party

I’m 20 years old, tonight is Hollywood glamour night… back at Viktor and Youri’s house.


A Letter To The Wild Party Girl I Used To Be

To the girl blackout drunk in the bushes outside the frat house. The girl who proudly drinks shot after shot of apple skol vodka with no chaser necessary. 955 more words

Not all that glitters is gold. 

I am truly blessed in the fact that I’ve been able to experience so much so young. But it hasn’t always been pretty. I had a weird & fucked up childhood. 458 more words

Colossal (Vigalondo; 2016)

I’ve spoken a number of times before in this blog about how metaphor can be used to enhance a message and make an average idea for a film into something much better.   1,518 more words

Movie Review

Party Girl


always in company
the centre of each game

but at home in quiet
in a corner all alone… 27 more words


Party Girl Social Slut

I miss when I was a huge slut.

That sounds weird, I know, but I really do.

It’s not that I miss having a lot of promiscuous sex with people, not that there’s anything wrong with that so long as you’re safe about it ( 1,574 more words