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The Art of Celebration: The one where I rebrand myself as Party Girl

As you’ll know if you read this blog life is not straightforward or without some deep sadnesses right now but today we are throwing a BIG party! 480 more words


Party Girl To Professional: What It’s Like Having A Heel In Both Worlds

By Zara Barrie |  Elite Daily ©

I feel like people always talk about how they’re either blissfully dancing their lives away in the diamond-encrusted, champagne-fueled party girl lifestyle OR that they’re self-identifying EX-party girls whose current lives consist of nothing more than a comforting myriad of house plants, husbands and flat, sensible shoes (I might have thrown up a little in my mouth regarding the latter). 1,153 more words


STAMPlorations Second Birthday !

Birthdays should always be celebrated, right? Well STAMPlorations is 2 and they’re having a massive party.

They’ve invited guests to join in- and I was one of the lucky ones. 387 more words

Document Analysis Preliminary Findings

I forgot my stupid disclaimer. This is just a murder mystery game for whoever wants to play. Nobody named acrimonious Vandertwat exists to the best of my knowledge and if she does I’m really sorry about her parents choice of name. 832 more words

Really Big Mean Dog

Party Girl: The Series Chapter IV "Ty the Magnificent"

Getting back on the release horse for the second season of Party Girl: The Series.

Check the latest episode!