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Party Problems

Nose Bleeds
Can’t stop
Always out

Not sleeping
Not thinking
Not being
My best self

After parties
After hours
After thoughts
Cold showers

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How social media messes up our experience of community

Control. That’s the problem with social media. I’m in control. You’re in control.

Our social media worlds revolve around us like planets around a sun. It’s the web and I am the spider, sitting plumply in the middle.

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We come to the realization that this lifestyle isn’t sustainable. We get a little older — a little more mature, a lot more jaded — and suddenly that carefree existence no longer makes much sense.

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The Elegant Intrusion

 Photographer | Omkar Chitnis
Styling | Vikram Hazarika Sharma
Hair & Makeup | Chetan Karkhanis
Model | Kahina Mounier from Inega


A Eulogy For The Party Girl

We are gathered here today, not to mourn the loss of a friend, but rather celebrate the life that once lived. And a life live fruitfully, may I add. 648 more words

Warped Minds

Society is always romanticizing mental disorders. Bulimia is not a beautiful girl with mascara running down her cheeks as she is crouched over the toilet seat. 230 more words