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You are the gatekeeper of your life- don't fall asleep on the job

Okay girls here is an analogy – you are a security guard.  You work at the front desk of a very important financial institution that houses millions of dollars of accounts.   1,779 more words


This is me :) Simple yet not at all and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Party Girl

My Singapore Girl Part 2:The Brandilicious Party Girl

I actually don’t know what to write for this ambitious topic.

Who am I to comment on an entire society’s spending habits and branding culture? For my first write up, I had figures and numbers and facts at my fingers’ tip but who cares… 472 more words

Life In Technicolours

That New York Look: Mary

Daisy von Scherler Meyer’s 1995 cult classic, Party Girl, starring Indie queen Parker Posey as Mary – a sort of Generation X version of Holly Golightly – is a tribute to New York turn-of-the-century club-kid couture.   502 more words

Surprise Spit

I had an awful date last night and came home three martini drunk and annoyed, so I freestyle spit this poem which you may have seen here earlier. 46 more words

When Everyone Around You is Making Babies

I had a dose of this very early on in my life. My bestest friend, my comadre, my sister, suddenly was a wife and a mother shortly after high school. 420 more words


College as Told by The Office

Man I love college. However, the media loves to portray college to be a huge non-stop party but The Office understands the brutal reality of the… 49 more words