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“Cupcake Queen” Opens Eatery!

Downtown West Palm Beach is knee deep in development of both its commercial and residential corridors.  Amid high rise construction, moving trucks, concrete workers, is a daily processional of dog-… 11 more words


Whats IN Trumpcare*

*I have absolutely NO idea either whats in Trumpcare. Obamacare had an entire section on the official White House website explaining what Obamacare actually did. The People demanded that. 2,498 more words


HuffPost Morning Email: September 14th, 2017

HuffPost Morning Email: September 14th, 2017, Dems say they have deal on DACA, Trump tweets otherwise.

By Lauren Weber

Thursday, September 14



Could Another One Bite The Dust?

Some good news to start the day…….

Steve Scalise is out of the hospital. The House majority whip, who was injured in last month’s shooting…

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Could Another One Bite The Dust?

Some good news to start the day…….
Steve Scalise is out of the hospital. The House majority whip, who was injured in last month’s shooting at a GOP congressional baseball practice in Virginia, was discharged Tuesday, Politico reports. The Louisiana Republican will now start “intensive inpatient rehabilitation,” his doctors announced Wednesday. A statement from the hospital notes he has made “excellent progress in his recovery from a life-threatening gunshot wound six weeks ago,” and he “is in good spirits and is looking forward to his return to work once he completes rehabilitation.”
IST wishes the Representative a speedy recovery and may he be well. Now on to the day’s stuff…….. Just barely 6 months into his rein Pres. Trump is losing people at a regular pace……it all started with Flynn the National Security adviser……..plus behind the scenes people have started to walk on this president. Most recent was Spicer who got squeezed out in favor of Pretty boy Floyd, “the Mooch”……. And it is starting to smell like Sessions will be close behind Spicer through the door.  But who else could be waiting to jump a sinking ship? Sources (whoever they are) are saying that Tillerson, SecState,  is about fed up with the games Trump plays……

Jeff Sessions may not be the only Cabinet member whose days are numbered. Multiple reports say Secretary of State Rex Tillerson isn’t destined for a long tenure. The latest is Reuters, whose source says Tillerson was “very upset at not having autonomy, independence and control over his own department and the ability to do the job the way the job … is traditionally done.” It says Tillerson has told friends he likely won’t last a full year, a sentiment echoed in an earlier CNN story. That one quotes two insiders who say a “Rexit” is possible before the end of the year, adding that Tillerson has been especially unhappy with President Trump’s public criticism of attorney general Sessions. The story adds, however, that Tillerson might just have been “venting.”

Tillerson had previously signaled that he intended to see through a restructuring of the State Department through 2017, but that now seems to be in doubt, reports Newsweek. It runs through his past frictions with the White House, including not being consulted on major issues such as the travel ban. The speculation has been circulating for weeks now, notes US News & World Report, and it isn’t helped by statements from Tillerson himself, who said in March that he “didn’t want this job.” It’s reached the point where Tillerson’s spokesman addressed the subject, though in the form of a denial that his boss is on the way out. Tillerson, he said, had “plenty of reasons to stay on the job, and all of them are important to America.”

If Tillerson does leave then he will join a small cadre of ex-Trump boot lickers that saw the light and took it on the lamb……I have a new respect for Spicer and Tillerson could join that small crowd….. After I wrote this draft news came out about Tillerson…..

A State Department spokesperson continues to push back against reports that Rex Tillerson has plans to exit the Trump administration. But in doing so, she made a point to say that he serves “at the pleasure of the president,” reports the Hill. Tillerson himself hasn’t responded to multiple reports that he’s gotten so fed up he intends to leave before the year is out. He is currently “taking a little time off” after overseas trips, says the spokesperson.

In response to the reports of a “Rexit,” she added, “The secretary has been very clear he intends to stay here at the State Department.” While Tillerson has clashed with superiors on policies ranging from Iran to staffing to the president’s travel ban, USA Today notes that he’s also probably not thrilled with Trump’s recent speech to the Boy Scouts, which critics have derided as being too political for kids. Tillerson himself is a Distinguished Eagle Scout and a former national president of the group.

He could already be out the door and they are waiting for the best time to announce his departure…..probably with the next “revelation” from the MSM.

HuffPost Morning Email: June 22nd, 2017

HuffPost Morning Email: Democratic chatter grows about ousting Nancy Pelosi.

By Lauren Weber

Thursday, June 22

NANCY PELOSI UNDER FIRE Some Congressional Democrats are calling for new leadership in light of the latest special election losses. 

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