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kMS ver. 1.2.232 - Creation 12: Development - The SEED R!

The second patch of the Development part of the Creation 12 update has been released, including updates to The SEED R, Xerxes of Chryse party quest, and game system changes. 1,179 more words


Grand Athenaeum coming March 26th!

The Update Highlights for Grand Athenaeum have been posted by Nexon. Along with that, we now know that this update is going to be released on  458 more words


Alliance Unbound Party Quest Revamps!

Alliance Unbound also includes revamps to multiple party quests! Monster Carnival, Nett’s Pyramid, Ghost Ship Dual Raid, and Mu Lung Dojo!

Sadly, it looks like this means GMS is skipping out on the  1,081 more words


kMS ver. 1.2.150 - Liberation of Aswan!

The third part of the Justice update, the Liberation of Aswan has been released! It includes a new ‘party quest’ that even pits world against world! 1,906 more words


kMSt ver. 1.2.413 - Phantom Storyline & Party Content Changes!

Lots of new things have been added within this patch! This includes party quest changes, Monster Park changes, Phantom skill changes, and even the Phantom… 1,235 more words


kMS ver. 1.2.140 - My Experiences & Tips for Ascension!

Quest Specialist medal get~ While finishing quests for this medal, I nostalgia’d hard. Doing the old jump quests (I actually did them all! …except Sabitrama’s), going through areas I otherwise would never have gone to (Wooden and Rocky Masks, the best training spot for 20~30!). 632 more words


kMSt ver. 1.2.387 - Cannon Shooter Tutorial

You can advance as a Cannon Shooter job through Kyrin. Also, a new part of Maple Island was found! The Cannon Shooter’s tutorial area, Coco Island, is only open to Cannon Shooters. 152 more words