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Party Rock Anthem

Here’s a step aerobics routine for you to LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem, enjoy!!

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Saturday Afternoon at IHF Jakarta

At IHF we try to have the short-term volunteers do special classes if they have any talents or hobbies.  Marco, from Germany, is a dancer, so this was the class he gave.   9 more words


Video: Paisa Rock Anthem Por Micho Rizzo

Bueno, y tal vez no es de los más vistos en Youtube, pero si es uno de nuestros videos favoritos. Riete de la parodia que Micho hizo sobre esta conocida canción ‘Party Rock Anthem’ y dinos que opinas.


Los Videos Más Vistos En La Historia De Youtube

Aquí esta la lista de videos más vistos en la historia de Youtube, en cualquier momento podria haber variaciones, pero estos son los principales:

1) 43 more words


LMFAO owes Dee Dee royalty...

Dee Dee should have patented her moves, she could be enjoying royalties right now…



SwaggyG Vacation Update: Did I just Meet Redfoo From LMFAO?

Yes. Yes I did.
Sorry for the potato quality picture, but that was the best I could get without it being too obvious.

I like the approach Redfoo took in order to stay incognito here, getting fat as shit hoping no one recognizes you. 63 more words

"Sexy and I Know It", LMFAO

I went to the beach today and felt like a hot bitch, so this seems like the right song to write about tonight.  I love the video, because it’s not only hilarious but promotes self-confidence and body acceptance as well.  889 more words