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Welcome to Seussville!


In honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday coming up on March 2, I wanted to revisit John’s 1st birthday party. Several of the items used for his birthday party could be used for a similar party theme or in celebration of Dr. 397 more words


Time to party!

I recently read that one way to find joy during the colder months is to plan something you’ll look forward to, like a party. A party can be fun even for introverts. 353 more words



What if we told you, planning and attending your kids birthday party DOESN’T have to suck?

When my son turned one, this shit was easy. I had a few people drop in throughout the day, he mashed his hands around in a slice of cake and opened his new toys, and we were done. 718 more words


A TEA-Rex 6th Birthday Party

Me: Molly what theme do you want for your 6th birthday party?

Molly: Well my best friend only likes boy things so I want to have a boy theme because I really want her to come. 542 more words

Party Themes

A Shopkins Birthday Party

Well the Shopkins craze hit our household last year and of course Morgan requested a Shopkins party! Shopkins are just the cutest little things. They are tiny collectible toys based on grocery store items and they have the cutest little faces and unique names. 506 more words

Party Themes

Bowling Party Cookies

My son Sam turned 8 years old!!! OMG can’t believe it. We decided to go bowling to celebrate. So of course I needed to make some bowling cookies. 181 more words

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New year eve party Ideas and themes

కొత్త సంవత్సరానికి ఇలా స్వాగతం చెబుదాం..

ఈసారి మీ ఇంట్లోనే ప్రత్యేకంగా పార్టీ ఏర్పాటు చేసుకొంటే.. తక్కువ ఖర్చుతోనే ఎంతో మంచి అనుభూతులను మూటకట్టుకోవచ్చు. మరి దీనికోసం ఎలాంటి పార్టీ థీమ్‌లను ఎంచుకుంటే బాగుంటుందో చూద్దామా..continue

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