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Drink drank drunk

The magical thing about drinking is that it elevates your excitement, but the not-so-magical thing is- it also elevates your sadness. It is pleasurable when it is high and euphoria you are feeling, but it is a… 65 more words



Outback Dukkah with Home-made Bread

The original recipe for dukkah (or duqqa) is Egyptian I believe, and I understand there are Moroccan variations.  This is my version.   215 more words


All you need to know about hosting a housewarming party

So, you have finally moved into your new house and are ready to invite your friends and neighbours! It’s a good idea but are you aware of the housewarming party etiquette as a host? 348 more words


Back Yard Haiku Number 171

Fruit dropped from the trees

ferments to hooch; party time

for local fauna.

© 2017 John Christian Hager

Image from Pixabay


Το επικό πάρτυ στην έπαυλη του Κύπριου κροίσου Άλκη Δαυίδ στις Σπέτσες

Ξέφρενο πάρτι του Αλκη Δαυίδ με ποτά και πυροτεχνήματα.

Ο εκκεντρικός εκατομμυριούχος γιόρτασε την αποφοίτηση του πρωτότοκου γιου του Αντριου από το πανεπιστήμιο με ένα «επικό» πάρτι στο οποίο υπήρχαν μέχρι και πιατέλες με… τσιγαριλίκια.


Automobile Trivia

Automobile Trivia

How do you know cars around the world?

Full answer sheet provided.

Automobile Trivia

Price: 2.95