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Life is the bird, and I just got pooped on.

Honestly, life has just been making a fool out of me lately. Today a freak accident happened at my internship and I might have just injured our star athlete (keep in mind I go to a D1 school). 194 more words

Motif night - w/ Myles Francis / Chaser / Dave Paradice / Kleptik

Here we are eagerly waiting to share our Motif experience with all of you on Saturday, April 18th. Come out in a costume or bring your gadgets, doesn’t matter, the experience will be marvelous since we have DJs that will make you leave your chairs behind. 50 more words



I’m so happy this week is over. It was a very long dull week that seemed to be never ending. The good news is that I think I may finally be moving to a different department where I work. 235 more words


No time to panic - but I'm going to do it anyway!

I can fool myself since Showcase comes up in May and that is a brand new month since we are still in April.  But the calendar says it is only two weeks from Sunday.  940 more words

Ballroom Dancing

Prompt 29

Two weeks in a row!

Today’s prompt is similar to last week, but I’m in a little bit of a hurry and I couldn’t think of anything else. 68 more words