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Ideas to decorate a birthday party

A birthday party is an occasion of interest to everyone, as it is one of the occasions that make a person feel loved and important to others. 409 more words


twenty three life lessons

  1. Trust that you are not lost during the transitionary periods of your life.
  2. Feel your feelings. Cry when you’re sad. Digest your frustration. Laugh knowing there’s no such thing as laughing too loud.
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All of my friends got invited to a party except me.

Here’s my little emotional rant about my experience with what I thought I was a group of close friends. We met during orientation camp, and had, honestly one of the best times I ever had. 279 more words


Twodley Awesome Minnie Party

First birthdays are a special milestone but I think the second birthdays are more magical! They are old enough to understand that it is a special day all about them! 254 more words


Hawaiian Chicken Kebabs.

Most people refer to this time of year as summer but I like to think of it more along the lines of Kebab season! Sure, you can make them year round but they just taste better in the summer time! 564 more words

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1: Tony McGillicuddy meets Zara Yong

Chapter 1: Tony meets Zara

> Bit of a potty mouth? Yeah well fucktard I guess that happens after six bloody years with you and this fucked corporation. 1,470 more words