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ESA 2015 Monday Afternoon Talks VIII

I had no idea that birds change body mass in response to predation risk and I especially had to no idea mass change could occur so quickly. 399 more words

Ecology Talks

Happy Birthday Hash & Hike

April 27, 2015.  For Matthew’s birthday, I shanghaied him for the usual celebratory fine-dining experience, this time at the hilltop Ekeberg Restaurant overlooking Oslo’s harbor from Ekeberg Park.   1,466 more words


Face off - Great Tit (Parus major)

This is one of those subtly hilarious pictures. The unusual name of this bird just accentuates the humour :)

Like all tits, these also nest in cavities – usually a hole in a tree.  124 more words


The Great Tit

December 2012, Germany

One of the visitors of our balcony, in winter especially, is the Great tit. With their yellow on the chest and belly, they are a spot of color in those gray days. 22 more words

Weasel's Pics


Täna näitamiseks pilt veerbuari kuust. Uudishimulik rasvatihane.

Tehniline: ISO6400, ava f/5,6, säriaeg 1/250″, hämaras metsas