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Something you had that was stolen

Some time in the year 1959, Ryan A. Louis discovered what would come to be his most treasured companion, stalwart ally, and favourite word in the English language: free market. 795 more words


Not the First

When I stepped outside today, you were there
 You were humming some staccato rhythm over the world
 and embracing everything you could reach (including me)
 It had only been a month or two
 but one could be forgiven
 for thinking it was years, the way you cried
 through the whole thing put water in my eyes as well
 You seemed to want to catch up
 But I was all business
 to the point where we just sort of talked
 each other. 230 more words

What a character holding a blue object is thinking right now.

Being weak never much concerned her.

That is not to say it never bothered her. She had memories of high school muscleheads teasing her endlessly. Nice enough when away from the gym floor, but physical activity triggered some kind of cro-magnon pack instinct for which she spared no fondness.   340 more words


Surrounded on Either Side by Myself

For a long time I thought to myself, “The me of the future is really going to hate the me of the past. He’s the one who’s going to get the business end of all these unhealthy but comfortable habits I’m enforcing right now.” Naturally, stopping never really occurred to me. 236 more words


September Summary

I think that, at the end of each month, I’ll take a little time for non-prose issues related to Promptu. Other than the update that there will be monthly updates, I should point out that Wordsalad is no longer with us. 137 more words


A houseplant is dying. Tell it why it needs to live.

It was a simple plant. Darnell liked that. It didn’t try to overburden anyone with frilly petals or exotic fragrances. Even the geometry of the leaves demanded nothing of the viewer. 1,320 more words


What can happen in a second?

Blink 13 times
Hop 3 times
Run up to ten meters
(but honestly probably less)
You can throw
You can stumble and fall
get caught
You can yell
stop making sounds
hear sound being made

You can lose everything
You can get it all back
You can understand that none of it was ever really yours

Get caught in between
Find perfection or
save it just before it breaks

You can realise exactly what you need to do
   to say the right thing to 
   save the world 
   to put them in their place 
long after you could have done any of it

You can pump 133 millilitres of blood 

In a second 
a second passes