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My unique country Malaysia

The very first thing that would strike a visitor to Malaysia is 571 more words

Pasar Malam Tong Tong

Tong Tong Festival – Pasar Malam Indonesia di Den Haag

Rasanya agak aneh juga ketika menemukan ada Pasar Malam yang bernuansa Indonesia ditengah-tengah negeri Belanda. Pasar Malam Besar di Den Haag yang sekarang disebut… 255 more words


Have you started decorating your cavesĀ in the most gaudy way ever to welcome the Chinese New year and test the gag reflex of your friends and relatives who’re gonna visit in about a week’s time? 207 more words



The pasar malam for CNY is up and running so Clementi is feeling mighty festive these days.

Actually, most of the stalls sell the same stuff – phone and iPad covers, alcheapo household stuff, shuddering fashun (actually some are cunning buys) and more phone covers (the… 144 more words


Hian Wooi's Fairy Lighting

Hian Wooi… The Girl is Even More Gorgeous face-to-face!

An Unusual Product Line of Hand-made Lanterns and Lamps in Various Forms and Styles… The Ever-Helpful Hian Wooi is more than ready with her ready supply of Adapters for all Major Countries! 249 more words


Michael San's Malaysian Artefacts

An Interesting Counterbalanced Wine Holder

Actually, when we were there for the Photo Shoot, Michael San Dashed off to help a customer of his, a tourist who had been injured by a trishaw… he just left Hocky Tan, DJ Sugar Love and Me (KDJ Hellbro) to ‘hold down his fort! 449 more words


AH Huat's (a.k.a. Jacky Chan) Merchandise

Location: Batu Ferringhi, Penang.

Jacky ‘Ah Huat’ Chan, ‘Da Man’ Himself in Person!

Refer: Background Info on Batu Ferringhi (Video Shoot) – To Be Advised! 361 more words