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Palm Sunday: Behold the Cross of Christ

Study: What sacrifices do I currently face in my life?  Do I recognize the presence of Christ as I carry my Cross?

Pray:  Reflect on the Passion of the Lord.   370 more words


Daily Mass: Who is Jesus? Catholic Inspiration


The Gospel of John reveals that people are questioning the identity of Jesus and trying to kill him.   Who is he?  He is Christ the Lord, the Son of God who comes from the Father to save and set us free. 15 more words


On Being Lifted up for Us

As we draw near to Holy Week, the lections focus on Jesus’ anticipation of his Passion. Jesus’ famous response to the Greeks about the grain dying in the ground in order to bear fruit suggests a good deal of serenity on Jesus’ part. 651 more words


On Dying and Rising

Lately I have reflected often about dying and rising, and the prominent place they have taken in my life. The physical deaths of numerous family members, friends, and acquaintances; births of children, marriages, and other beautiful beginnings; friendships that have ended, and others that have emerged and taken flight; the letting go of some of my deepest, long-held certainties about the world, and the realization that a change in perspective can provide powerful insight.   451 more words

Scripture Reflections

Why do innocent people suffer : the Master's Model

We often raise questions to God, friends and religious leaders, “Why do innocent people suffer?” There are various ways of looking at this question. As a Christian, this question goes back to Jesus Christ himself. 192 more words

Good News

As I was heading out of church, I knew.

I am healed.

It didn’t come like a bolt out of the blue or a disembodied voice, or like some televangelist with his palm on my forehead saying the words.  882 more words

Life And Death