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2nd Lent

The high point of every celebration of the Eucharist, of every mass, is the doxology.

The culmination of the mass, therefore the culmination of our lives as Catholics is when the gifts of the body and blood of Christ are elevated to the highest point and the Priest Proclaims:  “Through Him, With Him…” 768 more words


Keeping Lent well

The three traditional spiritual practices of Lent are almsgiving, prayer; and fasting.

The Church offers these to us as things to do so we might open up more to God, and become, more, what God in baptism made us to be. 842 more words

Catholic Faith

Our God who Suffers

A few weeks ago, one of my cousins committed suicide.

It was a shock to all of us who knew and loved him. His death still remains sad and painful for many of us. 585 more words


Speak Lord: about dying to live

The second reading at tomorrow’s Mass, that of the 3rd Sunday of the Year, somewhat starkly encourages us to recognise that we are creatures, passing things. 195 more words

Catholic Faith

The Baptism of Jesus Explained

What is God up to when Jesus gets baptised?  Click on the image to hear a homily explaining what’s really behind the baptism of Jesus.

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Engaging the Gospel - Baptism of the Lord

Baptism of the Lord (Year B): Gospel – Mark 1:7-11

Humility is the leitmotif of Sunday’s Gospel. St John the Baptist embraces his role as forerunner, humbly serving the One Who is to come. 279 more words


mimetic scarcity (2)

The loosening of family and tribal bonds was a second and much longer term strategy for diffusing violence resulting from mimetic rivalry. (See mimetic scarcity 1… 963 more words