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Four Simple Yoga Poses to Assuage Existential Dread

Modern life can be tricky: busy schedules, inexorably rising sea levels, rampant species extinction. Sometimes it’s hard to kick back, relax, and silence the nagging inner voice that insists we’re hurtling towards ecological calamity. 292 more words


May wildflowers come up on my yoga mat

I was really looking forward to going back to class again today. Hamstring feeling pretty OK after its recent debut back at my home studio… 698 more words



There are a lot of ways in which we can talk about acceptance. What we accept or do not accept in ourselves and in others makes a big difference in how we experience our lives. 689 more words


How To Keep Your Low Back Safe In Forward Folds

Keeping a healthy low back is key to living pain free, retaining overall strength and aging gracefully. You begin by finding optimal alignment—that free and open posture you were born with—then doing what you can to maintain and strengthen that blueprint over the course of your life. 806 more words


Grace, Guts & Spirit

Her hamstrings reached out over the ground, grateful for the cool sensation of an earthen surface. Heels pressing down into the dampness of leaves and fallow land as her back body lengthened. 61 more words

Humanly Ambitions

Paschimottanasana- Seated forward bend

“Let’s humble your body…”

Paschmottanasana is probably the most well recognized forward bending pose in yoga practice. Not only forward bend is a great way to loosen and stretch your back and legs, but also a perfect way to release your ego, stubbornness and to humble your mind. 454 more words


Restorative Activity

I didn’t do anything physical Wednesday, the day we returned from New York. The travel took all day and my foot was just not cooperating. The pain from my gout was manageable but the swelling made wearing shoes difficult. 496 more words

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