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Act Six: De-Stressing for my Cube Neighbor

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, please please please¬†be nice to people who work in customer service. I won’t say much about my job, but I’ll tell you now that after over 2 years of doing customer service on the phone, I’ve learned that people think they can get away with a lot more over the phone than in person. 305 more words


Helping a friend down on his luck thanks to thieves

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — Our playmaker this week is Gary Lewis who’s looking to help out an old buddy and neighbor.

“He’s the kind of guy who sees a need and takes care of it,” Lewis said. 107 more words


Helping a shooting victim get back on his feet

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Sometimes you just feel compelled to extend a helping hand.

That was the case with this week’s playmaker.

Sharry has never met Rickey King in person, but knows he needs all the help he can get. 69 more words


Love and loss, despair and hope: Tough times bring us together

Our playmakers this week are Konnie Maharrey and Polly Shipley.

Each of their moms have struggled with Alzheimer’s Disease and their at-home caregiver during such a difficult period was Bobbie Robertson. 94 more words


I choose hope

It’s been a hard couple of weeks to be an American, to be a human, to be a Christian.¬†Tragedy has struck families and communities in Michigan, Louisiana, and Dallas. 627 more words


Share Happyness

One of my favorite things to do is give away flowers. It is not difficult. Yes, I have to spend money to do it (I don’t cut from my yard, I can’t keep very many of them alive once I cut them, unless they are tulips or daffs!). 255 more words

Helping a family dealing with Dysautonomia

This week’s playmaker is Rodney Ward, a veteran and retired paramedic.

He told us he wanted to help Cheryl Holland who has a disease called Dysautonomia. 122 more words