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I was just smudging away per usual and then a wave of sheer gratitude came over me so I wanna talk about it. I’ve been doing alot of life inventory lately… that’s glaringly obvious. 322 more words


Dad goes the extra yard to give back to his community

They’re are people in the City of Memphis who are actively working to make a difference in the lives of our youth.

Our Pass It On recipient this week gives both his time and his money, and a group of grateful parents want to say thank you. 41 more words


Cooking up a plan to help a local restaurant worker

How many times do you go to a restaurant or business simply because of the people who work there?

On this Pass It On, the playmaker told WREG’s Richard Ransom the worker at one business has made her smile for years, and now that she needs some help, she wants to do just that. 30 more words


Richard Ransom reached out to help a family devastated by tragedy

This week on Pass It On, WREG decided to do something a little different.

Normally, Richard Ransom selects someone to be our playmaker, but this week he wanted to make a difference in one family’s life. 93 more words


Don't forget us!

With warmer weather arriving soon for most of the United States, people will start taking their children and pets out with them as they go along their day. 180 more words

Act Four: Crazy Coupons

I did the coupon one again – I hope this doesn’t count as cheating! I left these ones at a different Giant Eagle in the area, right by the mashed potatoes. 11 more words


Act Three: Snack Money

*Whew* I’m finally caught up on my acts (yay!). This time I left $5 in the candy aisle at Giant Eagle. I left my blog info but still haven’t heard from any one of my recipients ): I hope someone bought something delicious with this – I could go for some chocolate right about now.