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Chapter Forty-nine:

Finally he spoke words I could understand, “Temperature?”
The nurse replied, “41.2 degrees Celsius”

He noted down a few things in his file whilst one nurse administered my cannula in my left hand; the other secured an oxygen mask over my nose; I resisted at first; tearing it off and throwing it to the side. 275 more words

I. AM Unapologetic, Me

leglos imagine - you pass out

It was a long journey and now you were running to catch up. With orcs and find the hobbits, you felt yourself. Getting weaker with each step, than you started to get dizzy. 60 more words

Mystery Girl

Date Night Pass Out

I went on a date last night with some architect. It was pretty boring all things considered. The highlight of the date was some Korean fast food place he showed me in the city. 201 more words


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