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The Faint Novel Goal


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The Faint Novel Goal

The meaning of faint: To lose consciousness for a short time because of a temporarily insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain. 232 more words


The Time I Passed Out

So one of the things I set up with most of the guys I see is if you want to choke me, go ahead, but if I tap the surface we’re on 3 times that means I want you to stop. 273 more words

Casual Sex

Not Sure

Still fighting through this. I passed out in the vehicle. No warning, just passed out. Based on where I was at the time to where I finally woke up, I would say it lasted about 30 minutes. 146 more words

Daily Diary

How to pass tf out and get a good nights rest

I LOVE TO SLEEP. Ask anyone who knows me, ask my mom, even as a baby I chose sleep over food any day. After family gatherings like thanksgiving I would run upstairs and take a quick nap. 594 more words


I have to stop

I went out for a beer with the devil. I was tired. Very tired! I felt empty and lonely. I didn’t want to go home. So I said yes to the beer with that colleague. 115 more words

Personal Life

Top 5 Slingshot Ride FreakOuts {Scary Amusement Park Ride Alert}

Check out another Great Video of Riders Freaking out on the Darm Slingshot Ride..


People Pass Out / Fainting On Slingshot Ride {OMG Video Alert}!

This is why y’all not going to Ever catch me getting on that damn Slingshot ride, cause muthafunkas be passing out on that b!*ch,, Check this ishh Out and try not to Laugh, Krazy!! 10 more words