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Not Sure

Still fighting through this. I passed out in the vehicle. No warning, just passed out. Based on where I was at the time to where I finally woke up, I would say it lasted about 30 minutes. 146 more words

Daily Diary

How to pass tf out and get a good nights rest

I LOVE TO SLEEP. Ask anyone who knows me, ask my mom, even as a baby I chose sleep over food any day. After family gatherings like thanksgiving I would run upstairs and take a quick nap. 594 more words


I have to stop

I went out for a beer with the devil. I was tired. Very tired! I felt empty and lonely. I didn’t want to go home. So I said yes to the beer with that colleague. 115 more words

Personal Life

Top 5 Slingshot Ride FreakOuts {Scary Amusement Park Ride Alert}

Check out another Great Video of Riders Freaking out on the Darm Slingshot Ride..


People Pass Out / Fainting On Slingshot Ride {OMG Video Alert}!

This is why y’all┬ánot going to Ever catch me getting on that damn Slingshot ride, cause muthafunkas be passing out on that b!*ch,, Check this ishh Out and try not to Laugh, Krazy!! 10 more words


Jayja 03-Sep-2016

“Also there’s a hench coat on the top of the landing if you require a duvet xxxx”

Another drunken night ended at Jay Jay’s.

He has this huge massive reclinign chair that I just passed out in. 30 more words

My 'life'

done, maury, over it, roll over, pass out, fall out Gif For Fun

done, maury, over it, roll over, pass out, fall out Gif for Fun at your Time