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My New Toy

If you have followed some of my posts, you’ll know that I’m teaching myself how to play the guitar.  I was learning on a basic cheap starter guitar, that I just couldn’t get the sound I wanted. 108 more words


Feeling old school

I recently picked up a guitar not too long ago and started to teach myself how to play.  I’ve learned how to read tabs, but just wasn’t quite getting it the guitar down. 604 more words


Clash of Clans

I have jumped onto the Clash of Clans bandwagon. I started this game because I was bored in class one day and I had some friends playing it. 272 more words


Wasting Time A Creative Gain?

Idling away time with a pen/pencil and paper often brings the creative side in us. A few strokes, dots, and circles are the first work of art. 220 more words

View Point


…and how to go about it.

I have taken up the sport of slacklining quite recently. It is the finesse of measured movements and the precision with which one has to balance on this hyper active and ever dancing piece of tape that attracted me to it. 279 more words


Cajun Classics

The State Police Roadblock

Boudreaux and Thibodeaux was drivin’ down duh levee de udda dey engagin’ in they favorite pastime, drinkin’ beer. As they round duh turn, dey saw a State Police roadblock ahead, and Thibodeaux him, he says, “Boudreaux, if dem Troopers see us wid dis beer, dey gonna bust us.” … 103 more words

Cajun Classics

Three Ways To Make The Time Pass Quick (2011)

1. Read a book.
2. Watch a movie.
3. Get old.
A sure way, to make time fly-
Don’t know where it goes, but, 6 more words