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Going Nowhere

And I regret.
The way things have turned out.
And I never meant it to be this way.
It was never how I intended.
I didn’t want you to see me at my worst. 27 more words


Truth be Told

Submerged in thought.
A moment of truth.
A sense of clarity.
And I’m back in reality.

© Duc Nguyen WordsOnEmptyEars, 2014


golden lamp

Keeping it bottled in.
It’s kind of sinking in.
Thinking about this.
Thinking about that.
Seeking what the next best step is.
Figuring out if it’s the best for you. 12 more words


I Don't Need You

Everything was fine.
Until I decided to try and make you mine.
And now nothing is ever what they were.
But that’s good and bad. 26 more words


Sticking with you

Nothing to say,
Nothing to do,
These thoughts of you are bleeding through.
How I hope,
We’ll always stay true.

© Duc Nguyen WordsOnEmptyEars, 2015


Good Enough 

And I’m glad I’ve gotten the chance to meet you.
I hope these words get through to you.
My eyes will stay true to you. 27 more words


A Tragedy Written in a Short Story

The semester’s almost over.
We’re all getting older.
Seeing the world for what our eyes see.
Perceiving it for what it should be.

It’s time to live and forget, 80 more words