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Life can’t only consist of this.
I’ve read nothing but pure bliss.
Things like fairy tale’s wish.
And now you’ve left me with this last kiss. 41 more words


Life Under Pressure

Somethings changed.
You’ve been going through these past few days,
not being the same.
The smile I once saw,
is suddenly lost like an unsolved mystery. 36 more words


Clearest Future

I need you,
you need him,
and that’s how things will simply be.
A tragedy in this reality of mine.
How life always seems to give me the short end of every single stick. 16 more words


Try and Figure Out What I'm Trying to Say

I’m slowly trying my best.
Smiling and taking this thing called life as if its just a test.
Picking and choosing whichever is nothing like the rest. 37 more words


You're Really Helping Though

Thanks for being so reassuring.
Easing this heavy heart I keep dangling along my side.
Opening these eyes of mine,
realizing making mistakes are fine. 17 more words


family trouble (still)-edited by joy castro

“He possessed us with his unfulfilled dreams.” (138, A Spell Against Sorrow, Judith Ortiz Cofer)

this book has obviously resonated with me, as i am s l o w l y writing an autobiographical performance piece, one that i’m not exactly sure what to do about since a large part of the family element revolves around a person with whom i am cultivating a relationship with for the first time. 1,052 more words

Like_minded Folks

Cocktails and champagne 

I’m trying to figure it all out.
Keeping my spirits up till all the right pieces fall about.
I don’t think I’ll be ever taking a different route. 53 more words