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I’ve been thinking often lately of Dorothy Whipple’s words in inĀ The Priory: ‘Love is happy only when it is confident. When it is humble, it is full of pain and misgiving; there is hardly any happiness to be had out of it at all.’ 68 more words

Riding the Mistral to Tunisia

With our sails all finished and adjusted we were ready to leave France and head south for the winter. We visited Tunisia last year and really liked it, so we thought it would be a good place to make our home base this winter. 699 more words



And there you stood,
Captivating the scenery ahead of us.
And there I was,
Captivating you that was ahead of me.

© Duc Nguyen WordsOnEmptyEars, 2014


there are four of us

I have turned aside from everything,
from the whole earthly store.
The spirit and guardian of this place
is an old tree-stump in water.

We are brief guests of the earth, as it were,

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Real Life Korean Drama

But you've got everything on the line,
And I'll be lying if I said we never crossed my mind.
So, being friends is what we'll be. 22 more words


Doses of You

This artificial hold,
has this mold already cracking.
piece by piece it's slowly shattering.
With me, this is such a familiar pattering.
As unreasonable as this may seem, 28 more words