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Let Me Fall For You, And Let Me Fall For You

I’ve drowned myself in all of this substance.
But I still can’t seem to get you out of my heart.
I wish I never got a chance to meet you.

© Duc Nguyen WordsOnEmptyEars, 2016


I Just Don't Want To

She stared straight in my eyes.
A look of no surprise.
A single tear drips from my eye.
This is where she said her last goodbye. 13 more words


Pick Yourself Up, And Shut Up

Put yourself on the line.
If you fail,
how would it hurt?
You’ve been feeling pain,
since the very start.
It’s time to believe,
that you could finally relieve. 14 more words


Forever Hiatus Of A Broken Man

I’m here to confess,
all the things I’ve come to fear.
These brews and beers can no longer,
keep the sins within one’s unholy mess of a life. 62 more words


Telescope Views

I’ve been going about this,
the wrong route.
Starting from the bottom south.
Making my way through all sunset bays.
Having the wind sway me in every directional way. 35 more words


Doors, portals, passages and gates of Sweden

I’m sure that somewhere, photographic essays – yes, probably entire books, have been assembled on doors and their similes. After all, for being such a simple, utilitarian building element, they are ascribed huge symbolic importance; hope, opening, opportunity, passage, transition from one state (or world) to another… and so on. 1,271 more words

On Building

Boar poker, vanishing crabs and the limits of imagination

Brother Eared is a mystic. The Many Worlds have been revealed to him, and he started the tale of his revelation over the past couple of weeks. 542 more words