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365, Day 73: Landmarks

We have emotional, biographical landmarks. Sometimes the emotional landmarks coincide with physical landmarks in the places we live. There are times when these landmarks need to be revisited and the story rewritten… 14 more words


More than a Museum

Can you remember what it was like to be at the beginning of a grand adventure, and not even realize it at the time? Maybe you were moving to a new state. 765 more words


Blogging a Movie: PASSAGES, Sum'a The Enforcer Rebukes the Humans

I have been rethinking Sum’a The Enforcer’s character, costume and motivation. For one thing, the seethrough fabric of her veil is unworkable in my setup. While I came up with a new design for her veil, I also decided that this movie will have no dialogue as Sum’a is the only character who speaks and that just was not working. 76 more words


Blogging a Movie: Passages, A Myth, Storyboard Version 3 (Part One)

This video is a sketch of the first act of my movie in pre-production, PASSAGES, A MYTH. The movie begins right before dawn as the Gods’ dead ancestors wander the Cosmos. 114 more words


365, Day 70: The Mississippi

I spent some time on the banks of the Mississippi River yesterday evening with some Cajun music and a friend who would be happier if I didn’t think rivers were creepy. 20 more words


PASSAGES: The Ancestors

The ghosts of the Gods’ ancestors wander through the Cosmos. This is the prototype for the opening scene in the movie, following which Sum’o and his sisters re-create the Big Bang, their customary morning ritual. 21 more words


PASSAGES: Costuming dead deities

I need costumes for dead ancestors of the Gods in PASSAGES. Since they are buried in the same type of ceremonial robes, I am creating a few different veils to distinguish among the ancestors’ spirits who are strolling the cosmos at the beginning of the movie.