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The changing of the seasons

Seasons change. Here is a view of the pond from August 2017.And here it is after this past weekend’s winterizing.How sad is that?

Life At Home

Paris Peasant – Louis Aragon

“Louis Aragon guides us through the Passage de L’Opéra, imaginatively exploring the allure of various establishments found in the covered arcades, including seedy lodging houses, cafés, hairdressing salons, public baths, theatres, washrooms and quaint specialist shops selling such items as handkerchiefs, walking sticks, and exotic stamps. 271 more words


Isaiah 41:21-24, 28-29

Isaiah 41:21-24, 28-29

“21) “Produce your cause,” says the Lord; “bring forth your strong reasons,” says the King of Jacob.
22) “Let them bring them forth and show us what shall happen; let them show the former things, what they be, that we may consider them and know the latter end of them; or declare us things to come. 90 more words

Quoted From The Bible

Make the decision and bring on the pickle jars

Decisions come in all kinds of packages. Some are easy. If your laundry detergent makes you itch, you change it.

If you don’t like anchovies on your pizza, you don’t order them again. 382 more words


Hearts Don't Lie

Seeing her eyes,
And realizing,
She’ll never be mine.
I wonder what crime I committed in the past life.
To deserve this time after time. 13 more words


as years pass, my love for you will always last

although we live two separate lives, we will never be able to love another like the day when we had each other.

© Duc Nguyen WordsOnEmptyEars, 2016


And back to flash cards again

I was raised before the age of flash cards. At least I don’t remember teachers using them. Fast forward to now. I’ve written about this… 282 more words