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52 1/2 hours, but who's counting?

Yes folks, another crossing is in the books.  We recently made our way back to the Pacific Coast of Mexico, a 336 mile trek across the southern Sea of Cortez.  1,001 more words


Semantics on aging

I came across someone recently who took offense to the word “old.”

It’s not a bad word. It doesn’t mean decrepit (which is a sad word). 319 more words


John Gardner | On Becoming a Novelist #2

“Like other kinds of intelligence, the storyteller’s is partly natural, partly trained. It is composed of several qualities, most of which, in normal people, are signs of either immaturity or incivility: wit (a tendency to make irreverent connections); obstinacy and a tendency toward churlishness (a refusal to believe what all sensible people know is true); childishness (an apparent lack of mental focus and serious life purpose, a fondness for daydreaming and telling pointless lies, a lack of proper respect, mischievousness, an unseemly propensity for crying over nothing); a marked tendency toward oral or anal fixation or both (the oral manifested by excessive eating, drinking, smoking, and chattering; the anal by nervous cleanliness and neatness coupled with a weird fascination with dirty jokes); remarkable powers of eidetic recall, or visual memory (a usual feature of early adolescence . 168 more words


John Gardner | On Becoming a Novelist | #1

“We read five words on the first page of a really good novel and we begin to forget that we are reading printed words on a page; we begin to see images.” … 216 more words


it's in the doing, it's not about the applause.

‘Gathering Evidence’ as a title for my up coming show came easy for me. Being a visitor to another country this past Fall in Italy and France was such an amazing opportunity to do just that; gather. 61 more words

Heart Shaped Leaves

Why couldn’t we have met sooner?
Maybe a month or two before
you said your I do.
You didn’t even get a chance,
to take a second glance, 24 more words