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the last season (part too-chicago)-phil jackson

“In fact, in many ways, I have more in common with reporters than with my own players. We maintain an ongoing dialogue about subjects other than basketball. 604 more words

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What Killed the Cat?

People are just mad curious.
They don’t really care.
Don’t feed their curiosity.
Just keep them on your tail.
Them cats has already died.
Lets see how you fare. 10 more words

Elements of Hope and Pain

Life’s vigorous waves keep crashing into me.
I’m trying to stay as calm as I can be.
Emotionless and dim.
I look out into the far sea. 59 more words


the last season (part won)-los angeles-phil jackson

“The answer is because he can’t possibly imagine anyone ever voluntarily leaving his Los Angeles Lakers, the number-one franchise on the planet. It reminds me of a story about a guy who can’t understand why his girlfriend would ever break up with him.” (262) 692 more words

Like_minded Folks


I am nothing. I have nothing.

I’m the void that has slipped into oblivion. I am black, the color with no color. I’m a character with no identity. 118 more words

gaming the game-sean patrick griffin

“In my business, you couldn’t have a personality that wanted glory.” (110)

“When asked to describe his close friend Tim ‘Elvis’ Donaghy, Tommy Martino simply calls him ‘greedy and cheap’. 713 more words


A and H

it’s my time to take five steps back.
i didn’t realize what i was doing,
to be categorized as that.
so dear,
don’t be sad. 37 more words