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Constantly Taking It All In

it doesn’t matter where I end up.
it’s how I got there.
the journey itself is what matters,
not the countless checkpoints.

© Duc Nguyen WordsOnEmptyEars, 2016


Changes Are Forever Lasting

It doesn’t leave you completely.
Moving in a state of past tense.
Doing the things that keep you reminiscing of before.
Keeping you covered with a sheet of security. 42 more words


just friends 

My head’s spinning.
I always end up not winning.
You’ll never accept the way I feel.
But you’ve  already reeled me in.
Hopefully the day will come. 18 more words


When I work, you sleep and vice versa

The poet inside of me.
Arises in me.
Writing what feels real to me.
I hardly get to see you.
I wish I could be next to you. 35 more words


If There's a Chance That I'm Right, I'm Willing To be Wrong

I’m starting to feel,
that you and I are…
Puzzle pieces that hit the ground.
Fitting in place like harmonic sounds.
Maintaining each other’s psychotic ways. 13 more words


Ο χρόνος.Ο αμαξάς της ζωής μας.Στα σακατιλίκια σου, φέρνεις τον άστεγο σπίτι ενώ στα ψηλώματα τον φτύνεις;Το πρωί διαπρέπεις και το βράδυ λυγισμένος στα γόνατα στα group therapy;Ταίζεις την πείνα με πείνα και γίνεσαι το ρεύμα που σε χτυπά πιο δυνατά από την ενοχή σου.Μελαγχολικός με χάρισμα το γέλιο.Δεν με θυμώνει που με κοροιδεύεις.Με θυμώνει που μου μοιάζεις.


Dreams Don't Die

These days are going by ever so slowly.
I got myself simply lying to myself.
Overthinking of the harsh truth.
Being the dreamer that I am, 11 more words