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sacred hoops-phil jackson

this was my holiday book, my homecoming book, probably partially what led to my dad asking me about “my favourite team, the chicago bulls” and having my grade 10 picture up because he doesn’t like my bangs in my grad picture. 411 more words

Like_minded Folks

Not A Prince But A Servant

I’m starting to realize,
I never knew a single thing about you.
I’m just a fairy tale fool.
Fallin’ in like with someone I hardly knew. 41 more words


Time marches on

“End of an era,” read the comment by Mr. Robert the Hair Stylist. Indeed. Our Friend Chuck has put his Piaggio MP3 400 up for sale. 299 more words


Misery Loves Secrecy

I usually never show anyone who I really am.
It may seem I live a life of nothing but glam.
But my heart’s been covered with nothing but thorns. 58 more words


Blank Pages

You’re merely another entity.
That’s stolen a part of me.
And I know this could never be real.
Because of the things you’ve done.
The things you’ve decided to do. 17 more words



Along with various career preparations for a life of doing and achieving, the humanities invite explorations in discovery and self, probing questions of being and meaning to season in that knowledge of oneself which is insight, in that awareness of one another which is understanding, in those graces of personality and strengths of character which belong to true education.

~Dr. Lawrence F. Small, Jr.


A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers

… There is no doubt that the loftiest written wisdom is either rhymed, or in some way musically measured, -is, in form as well as substance, poetry; and a volume which should contain the condensed wisdom of mankind, need note have one rhythmless line…

~Henry David Thoreau