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loose balls-jayson williams with steve friedman (part won)

Easy Money, Hard Fouls, Cheap Laughs, & True Love in the the NBA

“That’s what the problem is. This is my solution: All you have to do is before some guy comes in to play in the NBA, he has to work one summer in construction or one summer somewhere where he has to wake up early five days a week, work from nine to five every day, has to buy his groceries, and man he will appreciate the NBA, and the NBA will be a better place.” (89) 579 more words

Better Than Magazines

The Little Things ARE the Big Things

I have always known that little things matter.  Recently I’ve remembered that the little things often ARE the big things.

After a week spent vacationing in the Whalen House in Grand Haven MI, my mind replays lovely memories.  194 more words


365, Day 45: Signs of the Season

It’s interesting how something I’d never heard of ten months ago could so quickly come to define my sense of identity. Opera Theatre of Saint Louis’ 40th Festival Season officially ended for me on July 3rd, the “end date” on my contract, as I supervised the movers packing up the stuff and carting it off to the warehouse where it will slumber until next May. 254 more words


slumberland-paul beatty

“i’ve lost a lot of sleep to dreams…”

“Not much of a musician, he plays with a shameless naivete reminiscent of Halle Berry trying to act. 935 more words

Like_minded Folks


Devouring his presence to her fill,she couldn’t stomach the thought of getting that raw madness for someone else apart from him who just  striked her senses like that bolt of lightening causing ripples in her heart of thunder.That fierceness merged her as a soul totally bewitched in the shadows of his gait held captive by his demons.

The Lost Happiness

I am writing here after such a long time! Something happened last night which is making me think, and in turn write this. I am sure you too will be compelled to think after reading this post. 890 more words