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When I work, you sleep and vice versa

The poet inside of me.
Arises in me.
Writing what feels real to me.
I hardly get to see you.
I wish I could be next to you. 35 more words


just friends 

My head’s spinning.
I always end up not winning.
You’ll never accept the way I feel.
But you’ve already reeled me in.
Hopefully the day will come. 19 more words


If There's a Chance That I'm Right, I'm Willing To be Wrong

I’m starting to feel,
that you and I are…
Puzzle pieces that hit the ground.
Fitting in place like harmonic sounds.
Maintaining each other’s psychotic ways. 13 more words


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If the 24-hour care provided at the Passages Malibu inpatient center isn’t possible, then the Passages outpatient program may be the perfect way to recover. Passages outpatient centers provide patients access to daytime therapy and recovery, though allowing them to follow up work, school, attend meetings or care for children. 460 more words

Passages Malibu

Dreams Don't Die

These days are going by ever so slowly.
I got myself simply lying to myself.
Overthinking of the harsh truth.
Being the dreamer that I am, 11 more words


Mandatory Space

We’re forced to do as they please.
But to say the least.
I’m seriously aching.
Nearly breaking.
Maybe I’ve fallen too fast.
Like every time from my past. 29 more words


Subtly Loving Someone

We all make our own choices accordingly.
I chose to love you.
You chose not see it.
I still won’t regret it.

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