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John Gardner | On Becoming a Novelist | #21

“The question one asks of the young writer who wants to know if he’s got what it takes is this: “Is writing novels what you want to do? 228 more words


Parting Admonitions

Paul spent only three weeks preaching the gospel in Thessalonica and establishing the church there (Acts 17:1-10). Then, persecution from Jews forced him to leave for Berea. 742 more words


Laughing from the grave

In the course of the ancestry research, I’ve been learning the history of the area and how people lived in the 1800s. Life was different. Aside from the obvious lack of electricity, running water and transportation, there was no Starbucks. 501 more words


De mindre kendte Pariser Passager

…. ja, for der er (åbenbart) nogle kendte, og så deraf også nogle mindre kendte. Jeg kendte ingen af dem, før jeg i sidste uge var på guidet tur rundt til de (åbenbart) mindre kendte Passager. 482 more words

Picture Perfect

John Gardner | On Becoming a Novelist | #20

“It is the importance of this quality of generosity in fiction that requires a measure of childishness in the writer. People who have strong mental focus and a sense of purpose in their lives, people who have respect for all that grownups generally respect (earning a good living, the flag, the school system, those who are richer than oneself, those who are beloved and famous, such as movie stars), are unlikely ever to make it through the many revisions it takes to tell a story beautifully, without visible tricks, nor would they be able to tolerate the fame and fortune of those who tell stories stupidly, with hundreds of tricks, all of them old and boring to the discriminating mind. 155 more words


Moving Kids

It feels like urban camping. I bring my sleeping bag, wear jeans, no make-up. I make sure my clothes are dark, something that doesn’t show news print and an outfit that can go from oven cleaning to dinner. 541 more words


John Gardner | On Becoming a Novelist | #19

“As a general rule, highly rational writers (like Nabokov) write most comfortably in the morning, and mainly intuitive writers write most comfortably at night.”

“A story is like a machine with numerous gears: it should contain no gear that doesn’t turn something” … 158 more words