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Passap Lapghan using 3 color techniques

Ha, ha, fooled you again. Here is my knitted strip of techniques for a three color design. It is shorter and took 918rows of knitting. I used 60 stitches and I knit 102 rows of each. 320 more words

Passap Knitting Machine

Passap Afghan of Many Techniques

Bet you thought you were going to see another large afghan. Well this strip of techniques was the length of an afghan . I knitted techniques 180 to 191 . 416 more words

Passap Knitting Machine

Passap Raglan Decreases-Single bed

I came across an article called Nice’ N’ Easy  by George LeWarre in the Duet International Book Number 8 Autumn/Fall 1991. I compared them to the decreases I had done previously in my blog and they are different. 215 more words

Passap Knitting Machine

Passap vs Brother Placemat by Tricia Shafer

I made this  Tricia Shafer plated place mat(top picture)  on the Brother years ago and I liked it. I decided to make it again. When I finished, I decided to try to duplicate it on the Passap. 501 more words

Passap Knitting Machine

Passap Storytime Quilt-Charlene Shafer

I learn something new every time I use my knitting machines. I started looking  through a lot of old patterns I have and I had Charlene Shafers Storytime Quilt book. 419 more words

Passap Knitting Machine

Passap Queen of Diamonds by Irene Krieger

Well, between the doctor appointments for my husband and me, it is really cutting into my craft time! Haha

I am sorry it took so long to post the directions on how to do this but I knew it was going to take a long time to do it and I was right.It has taken me over 6 hours to write the instructions  so that I don’t confuse you AND to figure out how to knit it again. 135 more words

Passap Knitting Machine