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Stephen Hawking, Rest in Peace

Stephen Hawking, a gifted physicist who was able to bring science into the living rooms of common folk everywhere, has passed away.  You might know him as the “wheel chair science guy with the computer voice.” 68 more words


Stephen Hawking, Best-Known Physicist Of His Time, Has Died

via Wkyc/Biography:

Stephen Hawking, whose brilliant mind ranged across time and space though his body was paralyzed by disease, died early Wednesday, a University of Cambridge spokesman said. 62 more words


Goodbye to hello

As Stacey and I were sitting in a cemetery car park, overlooking the final resting place of what must be, thousands of people that have passed away, Stacey suggests writing a blog post on the subject. 381 more words

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Free falling

There once was a boy who could smile who could laugh and who could love but this boy lost something very dear to him and he spent countless hours trying to find it but couldn’t find it anywhere so the boy feeling depressed sat alone in the cold world crying no one could hear or see the boys tears or cries for help the boy then picked himself up walked over to the tallest building and said “if I can’t find you while I live then I will find you while I am dead and protect you from the heavens” he then jumped falling to the ground seeing the thing he lost as he fell he saw her happy with another just sitting there laughing he wiped the tears away and hit the ground…


A lonely boy

Once upon a time there was a boy not just any boy a boy who is known nothing but loneliness he came into a kingdom One day and saw the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen in his entire life the boy tried everything to show that the girl meant the world to him that the day came when the boy made a terrible mistake you see at the time the boy was engaged to another girl and he really didn’t want this other girl but you see to protect everything he held so dear he had no choice but to be with another girl she was trying to keep him away from his kids if he didn’t stay with her he told his parents everything and they thought the boy had to make the ultimate decision sacrifice his happiness to be with another girl so he can see his kids and he was family safe. 1,052 more words


Ensa Cosby, Daughter Of Bill Cosby, Dies At 44

via eurweb/CNN:

Bill Cosby’s daughter Ensa has died from renal disease, Cosby spokesman Andrew Wyatt told CNN.

She was 44.

“The Cosby Family thanks many people for their prayers for their beloved and beautiful Ensa,” read a statement from the family obtained by CNN. 141 more words