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Rainbow Bridge called

K9’s mom writing this post for him, this evening suddenly without warning K9 AKA Oscar had a massive stroke and passed away in my arms, I’m sat here writing this at 2 am tears streaming down my face~ the cottage feels empty and cold, Rainbow Bridge called and K9 went ….Goodnight Oscar


Daye Jaan.

My uncle passed away.

Its about a year and a half that he’s left us. In the beginning, all I knew was that he was really sick. 770 more words

A Tribute to my Nan

Normally I would put together my Adventures blog at this time of the month which looks back at the month previous and what I got up to. 789 more words


Weird coincidences...

I conceder myself a believer that there is something beyond this world, this place, what we know or what we can possibly imagine. This belief of mine has come from years of experiencing “coincidental things” and undergoing years of “off” occurrences that could not be explained… but as these things continue to happen my belief of this gets stronger and stronger. 515 more words

Magnum PI's John Hillerman Dies At Age 84

Contrary to popular belief, Higgins was not British. In fact, he was from Texas.

Sad news this morning, as we learn the passing of Hollywood actor John Hillerman. 78 more words