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Hillary Clinton Has Pneumonia

Since Hillary Clinton entered into the Presidential campaign, there’s has been a lot a speculation about her health. The concern is whether or not she’s physically fit to take on the role of President. 106 more words


I once Was A Very Angry Man

Please note this journal entry has violence in it, but by the grace of the almighty Lord’ I have since been healed

I use to be a very angry person, I would get angry about anything I was a walking time bomb waiting to explode. 386 more words


Juggalettes' Asses and Passed Out Juggalos 

Yo this might be the best thing On the Internet right now. At the Gathering of the Juggalos, one of the best things for the last few years has been snapping pics of passed out Juggalos. 19 more words

33 People Collapse In The Street In New York City

Daily Mail reported that thirty-three New Yorkers collapsed after taking a bad batch of drugs.

All were hospitalized for a possible overdose on K2, a type of synthetic marijuana, in Brooklyn on Tuesday morning. 70 more words


A corpse?

Always take my camera to my balcony. Never know what’s out there.

This morning, what was out there looked like a corpse.

Until it moved. 32 more words

Tank's Watching

Grandmother screams and passes out while using Oculus Rift | Daily Mail Online

Grandmother screams and passes out while using Oculus Rift | Daily Mail Online:

Passed out guy passes out again

Maybe we’ve been lied to all these years about the need for beds and mattresses.
Maybe sleeping outdoors on the concrete part of a monument is the best way to get a good day’s sleep. 17 more words

Tank's Watching