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Fifth time in six weeks...

So guess what guys… I’m in hospital again. I had an MRI this morning and passed out while I was in the tunnel. Stupid me- I told the staff at my group home that I passed out. 281 more words



Sorry I haven’t been on for the last couple of days. Life’s been pretty full on. Last night I passed out for around fifteen minutes and the staff at my group home called an ambulance so I ended up spending half the night in the emergency department. 112 more words


Still alive

I haven’t written anything for a long while now. I’ve been medicated since my Xanax posts. Shortly after I had finished the Xanax, I meet with my doctor and admitted that I had been taking Xanax. 732 more words


I thought I’d die tonight.
I mean, literally.

I almost did, just about 45 minutes before I start writing this journal entry.
Still feeling dizzy, and had some minor injuries all over the body as I fell off the staircase. 428 more words


Charges: Man kidnaps, rapes 18-year-old he found passed out on the street

A Stillwater man is charged with kidnapping and raping an 18-year-old woman heĀ foundĀ passed out and alone on the street.

Jeremiah Daniel Johnson, 26, is accused of taking the woman back to his apartment in Stillwater and raping her on Sunday, after he found her “intoxicated, passed out and incapacitated” next to a telephone pole in St. 193 more words


A bloody bug again

Wednesday I forgot to say that I left work at 3 because I had diarrhoea. When I got home I felt so rubbish so I decided there and then I wouldn’t be going to work the next day. 346 more words


Down and Out... Passing Out.

Passing Out- 1 : Me- 0

Last week I mentioned in a post about how I am doing shadowing for school in a local hospital. Well, today I went back for a half day and I was super excited about it because I am really interested in the field and finally being in that setting and learning in the field is amazing. 642 more words

Eating Disorder