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Amount unknown: United reaches settlement with passenger dragged off plane

United Airlines reached an “amicable settlement” with David Dao, the passenger dragged off a full flight earlier this month sparking worldwide outrage, his attorneys have said. 181 more words

Why American Airlines Flight Attendant Was Clearly In The Wrong [EXCLUSIVE]

United Airlines isn’t the only company out here disrespecting passengers on flights. American Airlines is in hot water this week, after a flight attendant allegedly almost hit a woman and her child with her stroller while trying to take it away from her. 161 more words

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Delta passenger was kicked off (Video) United Airlines Reache Settlement

By Jim Stingl  | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | 1259 27 April 2017 
The way Kima Hamilton sees it, his urgent need to visit the restroom as a Milwaukee-bound Delta jet awaited takeoff was a misunderstanding blown all out of proportion. 650 more words

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#WTFASHO DELTA CONFRONTATION: Passenger Kicked Off for Using Restroom [VIDEO]

Another day, another video showing an airline passenger being removed from a plane. This time it’s Delta’s turn.

Passenger Kima Hamilton was on the Milwaukee-bound flight when he was told he had to leave after he got up from his seat to use the bathroom. 350 more words

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Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken (Passenger, 2)

Once again, I’m over at Tynga’s Reviews discussing Wayfarer by Alex Bracken, the sequel to Passenger. Click the picture to follow the link or click here!

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United passenger David Dao swung fists violently, officers' reports say

The United Airlines passenger who was left bloodied and bruised after being forcibly removed from a flight earlier this month was swinging his arms, his hands balled into fists, as officers from the Chicago Department of Aviation tried to pull him out of his seat, according to incident reports from the officers involved. 1,018 more words