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Passenger - Travelling Alone

My eldest child’s favourite musician lol at the moment that is, I’ve been listening to his music for some time now but I must admit his latest album is really good


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Now for another daily highlight. It’s my favorite kind of weather: cloudy, chilly, perfect for curling up in a warm bed and sip on a nice cup of cocoa. 94 more words

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Mercedes Benz CLS 350cdi Grand Edition 2010 [model W219] - windscreen wiper stopped / not working.

I’ll try to keep this one short.

No explanation, passenger / near side (UK RHD) windscreen wiper stops working – driver’s side works as normal. 189 more words

The term “Golden age” is so often misunderstood and misused. It’s a term that should be understood metaphorical. ┬áIt describes an age, a period in time of great peace, prosperity and happiness.

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Solutions Wooden Toy Passenger Bus

‘Airlines in Switzerland to 2017: Market Databook’ contains detailed historic and forecast data covering the airlines market in the travel and tourism industry in Switzerland. This databook provides data on seats available, seats sold by… 376 more words

On Meeting Your Muse

Some people know the origins of the Muse, the four epic Greek Muses in classic Greek Lit and Legend. Usually, it’s an ethereal thing. They don’t REALLY exist. 690 more words

Flight 668 (Part 1/2) - By Dr. Abdullah Bahi

Sitting there in my seat, waiting for take off just like any other flight. I hear the baby that cries at every flight, watch two men ahead fighting for a seat while I could hear a lady behind me asking another man politely if they could switch seats so that she could sit beside her man. 535 more words