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The Passing Game Improves--Message Received

As rumors flew this past week about the possibility of a December return of one Adrian Peterson to bolster the Vikings anemic running game, we learned more about the team’s passing game over the past weekend in the Arizona Cardinals game. 1,203 more words


The Return of the Passing Game

The Vikings bye week gives us some time to take stock of where the team is at and what we can expect the rest of the season. 1,443 more words

How Navy Took at 27-20 Lead Over #6 Houston (2016): B-Back Toss Pass out of Over Flex

Navy defeated #6 ranked Houston on Saturday.  During the game, the score was tied 20-20.  Navy brought the Receiver over from the right side to the left side and aligned this Receiver in a flexed position.   279 more words

Eight (8)-Man Triple Option Football: Running Rocket Boot Pass versus 4-2 Defense

In eight-man football, Rocket Boot Pass is a great way to force the defense to cover all the vertical and underneath zones.  There is tremendous difficulty in playing the Triple Option and covering all the appropriate zones. 292 more words

Passing Game

Paul Johnson's Three Key Passing Game Concepts off the Triple Option

Triple Pass is utilized when the defense forces the Quarterback to pull and pitch the ball.  When the defense does this, whether they consciously realize this or not, they must utilize their safety and corner to play the Quarterback/Pitch in order to get an alley defender.   322 more words

Six Plays Constitute 62% of Navy's 2016 Triple Option Offense

In 2016, Navy has run 113 plays.  Sixty-two percent (62%) of Navy’s 2016 offense is right here:

  1. Triple Option- 23 (20% of offense)

2. Midline Triple- 12 (11% of offense) 251 more words

Eight-Man Triple Option Football: Running Triple Pass Titan to Destroy 2nd and 3rd Level Run Support

In eight-man Triple Option Football, the 2nd level is put in position to where they have to play the dive, keep, pitch, and the pass.  This is an impossible task. 419 more words

Passing Game