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Quarterback Footwork on Triple Option, Triple Pass, Zone Option, and Toss--A Description

The following is how to teach footwork for Quarterbacks on Triple Option, Triple Pass, Zone Option, and Toss (Rocket and B-Back):

Triple Option= Take the snap, JUMP in A-gap, point the ball, give to B unless #1 cancels the B… if so, re-seat the ball, step with PLAYSIDE FOOT, REPLACE #1 and score unless #2 steps at Q… if so, parallel pitch. 99 more words

Paul Johnson's Authentic Run-and-Shoot Passing Game

In this eight-minute podcast episode, Dr. Cella discusses Georgia Tech Head Football Coach Paul Johnson’s and his actual Run-and-Shoot passing game.  Paul has been running the Run-and-Shoot with the Triple Option since the 1980s.   135 more words

Dr. Cella Discusses the Key Points of Triple Option Pass Protection

In this episode, Dr. Cella discusses pass protection on the Triple Pass.  Triple Option Pass Protection includes the Offensive Line, the B-Back, and the Backside A-Back.   38 more words

Exact Quarterback Footwork on Triple Option, Zone Option, Rocket Toss, and Triple Pass

In this podcast, Dr. Cella discusses the exact footwork for all Quarterbacks who run the Triple Option, Zone Option, Rocket Toss, and Triple Option Pass.  The degree of each step and the inches covered on each step are discussed.   50 more words

Entry Kentry | Music Lesson Plan (Passing Game)

Interested in an fast paced game that supports your efforts to teach steady beat and introduce great literature to your music students? Entry Kentry is a wonderful and wacky Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme that has been set to music. 242 more words

3rd Grade

Utilizing Triple Pass X to Take Advantage of the Safety

When you just can’t get the Safety to move on Triple Option, run Triple Pass X.

Triple Pass X has one Receiver rub the Safety while the other goes outside the rub. 29 more words

Executing Triple Pass Drag when the Mike Tackles the B-Back on Triple Option

1. The Mike tackles the B-Back on Triple Option.

2. Once this occurs, Fake the Triple, and have the Playside A run a 12-yard Drag right where the Mike is supposed to be covered. 53 more words