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2017 Navy Triple Option Breakdown versus Memphis

Navy- 27 v. Memphis- 30 F

Navy Total Offensive Plays- 63

70% of Navy’s Offense was the following: Triple Option- 19; Follow- 10; Zone Option- 6; Triple Pass- 5; Midline Lead- 4… 31 more words

Triple Option Football Academy

OL Part 3: Pass Blocking

Years and years ago, the offensive lineman that dominated the running game, where the ones every team wanted. These days if you had to pick one, you’d want the lineman that protects the QB more than the one that opens holes for the back. 844 more words

Plays to Beat the Cover 2

The Cover 2 is one of the most common defenses run in football at any level, so it is important to know how to attack it from the offensive side of the ball. 844 more words

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