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Response: Why I Reject Dispensationalism | Daniel Tomberlin

In my studies the problem that I have with dispensationalism is simply that it moves the focus on Christ and on making disciples in the nations, of preaching and of evangelism to one of “evacuation theology”. 62 more words

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More of Me

In a recent reading I came across the idea that Google presents the end user with things they think will interest — things that will most likely be read or purchased. 121 more words


Response: Atheist minister fighting United Church’s effort to fire her

The article linked here is disturbing. Granted, the details are missing in the article that I would like to know and I am sure much more is going on behind the scenes, but it does raise some questions in my mind. 1,036 more words

Passing It Along

Passing it along: 40 Questions for Christians Now Waving Rainbow Flags

In my recent conversations — OK, in many cases, attempted conversations — with other Christians about this hot topic, I find most remain silent. Maybe it is not that they have nothing to say, or have not position on the matter. 270 more words


Evil and Wicked Hearts - Discerning the Wolves Among Us

This topic has been on my mind for years because of my interest in discipleship. I can say that I have seen the indicators that are listed by the article author. 128 more words

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Conflict Resolution

I hate conflict.

I gravitate to conflict like a moth to a lamp or flame.

I greatly dislike the word “communication” but have little problem with the necessity of “coming to terms” about words used in communications (which often increases conflict, at least initially). 1,023 more words

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An Alterable Void, Yves K. Morrow, reviewed by Helen Valentina (Repost with introduction)

Helen Valentina is a published author of two books Curiosity and The Seed (available through lulu.com; Apple iStore; NOOK; Amazon POD; and Kindle). Her poetry, written in response to a prompt or from within her own soul is breath-taking. 794 more words