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Pasionariang Mabaho

Passiflora foetida

Family: Passifloraceae

Common Name: Pasionariang Mabaho, Stinking Passion Flower, Prutas Baguio

Origin: introduced from tropical America, now pantropic

Reference: Stuartxchange

According to Stuartxchange, all parts of this plant have a disagreeable odor. 79 more words


Beyond Doubt

Love goes beyond doubt.

source: Eddie’s Journal
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos
Passion Flower 2017
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Passiflora incarnata at the Butterfly Festival, 170617

Today I volunteered for the very first Butterfly Festival in Karnataka.

You can see the photos on my Flickr album


But amongst other things… This purple variety of the Passion Flower somehow seems to represent, to me, the intensity of passion in life…the force that often keeps us going. 49 more words


On Thursday we added a Passion Flower to our garden – my favorite among plants.  She has submitted to countless photos, a Six-Word Saturday and now, this.   114 more words


Six Word Saturday

Intentionally Adding Passion To My Garden

© Photo & Words by Jilly

June 10, 2017 All Rights Reserved 6 more words


June Blooms

‘Beautiful enough to Eat’ by @NCTreesPhotography

‘Pair of Roses’ by @NCTreesPhotography

‘The Unfolding’ by @NCTreesPhotography

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Happy June!