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Passionfruit or Passiflora incarnata

The Passion Flower has such a intriguing biblical reference that I sometimes just stop, stare at it and try to relate to its symbolism. Did you know (from Wikipedia) that ~ quote:  The “Passion” in “Passion Flower” refers to the Passion of Jesus in Christian theology. 201 more words

Passion Fruit


Familiar words can have different meanings in Catholicism.  “Passion” refers to the sufferings of Jesus after the Last Supper.  The passion flower has been taken to symbolise these sufferings.  91 more words


Good News, Bad News

I was very happy when my Passion Flower finally bloomed after having no flowers for years.

I was thrilled when the Gulf Fritillary Butterflies laid eggs and caterpillars appeared on the the Passion Flower Vine. 43 more words


26th October 2016

Painting.Passion Flower. Oil on linen, 60cm x 60cm


The flower fades that is not looked upon. - Edward Counsel

It will fade even if we do see it. So, while it is here, we will take a good long look!  :)

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