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Passion is a beautiful thing

When searching for a word ‘passion’, Uncle Google says

‘passion is a very powerful feeling.’

You’ve never been so right! It’s so powerful! So beautiful! But you will understand it only when you found YOUR passion. 292 more words



I started this blog some time ago now, and I kept it every weekday. It became a place where I write whatever came into my head; about writing primarily and sometimes personal stuff, but mostly about writing.  290 more words

Passion For Writing

Ready for holiday travel!

This is the first time I can remember having legitimate travel plans around Christmas time. I’ve always been lucky to have the majority of my family here in Ohio and have celebrated the holidays in and around Cleveland my entire life. 859 more words


How do I hold all the contrasting ambivalence?

Over the last couple weeks I really haven’t had the desire to write, as much as I miss it and truly feel the need to write and vent I don’t fake well and really need to emotionally connect with what I’m writing. 415 more words

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We All Have That One Person That We Will Always Remember

I had a dream as a child, I really wanted to become an actor, and I absolutely love comedy and people. My dreams were not always appreciated by others. 577 more words

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Be Selfish For Yourself 

I’m not saying be a jerk, I’m saying take the time you desire to have something for yourself and have a healthy balance in life. … 233 more words

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How Do You Stay Motivated?

This week has proven my theory that cooler temperature creates a stumbling block with fitness and healthy living, but why?

I have always struggled once the Fall season begins to set in here in Michigan to make it into the gym, eat healthy and move as much as I do in the summer. 339 more words

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