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Teachers Touch Lives

Every one of us has talents that will reach out to others. Never discount the effect you will have on another person. I have many people that I feel have touched my life in huge ways by sharing their talents I have benefitted from them in positive ways. 271 more words

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As Time Goes By

How many of us can relate to this scenario? When the kids are out of school I will have time to work on cleaning out the garage. 278 more words

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Motivate Mondays

My goal is to make a child’s life better because I was in there life.

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Let the diversity juices flow #changethenarrative

A week and a half ago, I was privileged to experience a mental shift. I was supposed to meet someone. He was different from me by all standards. 301 more words


Start-Ups Are Hard. Like, Really Hard!

Like many others, I too have got tremendously fascinated by success stories through start-ups and have been inspired to work towards building one of my own. 862 more words

Passion For Life

“Treat Your Soul And Travel”

Nothing! Genuinely, there is no match to the priceless pleasure of travelling. Going through different places, meeting new people, glimpsing unique cultures, the tongue-twisting languages, and an irreplaceable story associated with each one of these. 829 more words

Passion For Life